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Will Rose is Amy's Beloved elder brother from Sonic Y

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Mech Prower, Altar the Raccoon, Crush Kyd, Sol Amy Rose, Amy Rose


Dr. Eggman, EGG Industries




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Wills Rose (ローズます。) is a very skilled Assassin and beloved elder brother of Amy Rose and is one of the main protagonist of the Sonic Y series. He is a light gray hedgehog from Spagonia, and knows some Italian. Will is 18 years old (meaning 5 years of Assassin training) and is really good at Free Running (AKA Pakour).

Early LifeEdit

In Will's early life, he was like a normal teenager, but was rich due to hes uncle having Assassin control over Spagonia and his family live in a villa just outside its border with hes uncle and family, but Dr.E ggman (disguised as the mayor of Spagonia) created fake files to make it look like Will's father worked for Dr. Eggman and his father was executed so Will joined the Assassin's at the age of 13 to get revenge.

Fake executionEdit

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When Will was 15, he went to Eggmanland to Assassinate the doctor but lost by a C.C.L (chaos control lazer) and was belived to be dead. So Will's most trusted friends (Mech and Altar) told the Rose family about the incident. Which led Amy devistated but he survived and was transported to an unknown location.

Back Home At MobiusEdit

It is unknown how Will came back to Mobius but it happened on a Tuesday at 6am. Afterwards Will walked to his Villa and reunited with his family and asked his uncle "where's siss?" and Jennifer Rose (his mum) said that she helped Sonic against a fight with Eggman and haven't returned since. So he caught up with Altar and Mech and later decided to make a plan.

Reunited At OnceEdit

When team brotherhood (Will, Mech and Altar) came to Earth. Will wanted to find his sister to reunite with her after 3 years of not seeing her. So Will found were she was living and put a note on a desk one night. Amy found the note and it says "Hey sis wassap? heh dont worry i'm alive, meet me in the middle of Station Square tonight at 8:14 with your friends i'll need your help". So Amy did that and went to centrel Station Square. When Amy got to central Station Sqaure, Amy called out his name then Eggman appeared and threatend to hurt her in his newest machine. Then Will appeared from the rooftops and jumped and landed in front of Amy, followed by Amy having a shocked expression then Will said "fancy entrance aye?" then she hugged him then Eggman command one of hes egg-pawns to shoot Will in the gut then he collapsed to the ground. He told Amy to stand back and she agreed and Will unleashed his super form (Super Will) and lashed out his anger at Dr. Eggman and his machine. Eggman begged for mercy then Will said "I don't roll that way" then assassinated him and thus Eggman died. A few weeks later Eggman was revived by orbot and cubot (they stole the emerald of eden from the group then having the Assassins to steal it from them later on).

Race Around Station SquareEdit

A week after Will reunited with Amy (and accidently throwing the teleporter in a duck pond making Mech fix it). He told Sonic he could beat him in a race across Station Square with the use of free running. Followed by Sonic Laughing and saying "bring it on". So everyone decided to watch the two race across Station Square. Sonic was boosting through the streets while Will was climbing walls & jumping gaps. The two were neck and neck and they crossed the finish line and had a draw. (which Will wasn't happy about and wanted a rematch but everyone told him to be quite for once).

Super WillEdit

Like other super transformations Will's transformation is activated by the 7 chaos emeralds as well as his powers being echanced. He's soul surge is 2X as fast then before, while his speed is as fast as a normal super form is, Will's sword is 2X bigger and is dark blue, his hair turns into fire (As a show of anger or a joke at his hairstyle), Will's eyes are red and black, and his hood changes from white to a darkish red, He also leaves fire after images (similar to burning blaze), and his cape changes from white to black.



Sonic the Hedgehog

Miles "Tails" Prower

Knuckles the Echidna

Mech Prower

Altar the Raccoon

Crush Kyd

Sol Amy Rose

Cream the Rabbit

Vanilla the Rabbit



Amy Rose (Sister)

Jennifer Rose (Mother)

Threetails the Fox

Dexter the Fox

Bruce the Hedgehog

Fry the Hedgehog


Dr. Eggman

EGG. Industries

Dark Army


Like other heroes Will has weaknesses, he's quite dumb and big louded, has a horrble memory and very rairly listens to anyone (mostly because he has earplugs in his ears and listens to music).


Will back in Mobius is a member of the Assassins and has a huge ego in were he says stuff like "God am I handsome" & "Sis who's this sexy man in your mirror". He also has fights with Mech (for dumb reasons), He is also quite dumb and sometimes ask Mech to speak english (due to mech saying long big science-y words). Will also dosen't seem to no the obviouse. A sign of this is when he and Mech where wondering were Station Square is but then Altar pointed at a billboard saying welcome to Station Square (Mech probaly didn't know because he was facing the other way while Will was starring right at the sign). Will is also really rude as seen when Amy was teaching him manners, he told her to shove the manners up her back side (He actually used the A word). Another example was when he was at Sonic's birthday party, when the Time Eater appeared he said "Mech I didn't know your mum was invited". But besides the rudeness and dumbness. Will cares for all his friends and family and only jokes around when he says stuff like that. He also can't hold he's anger (which makes his Super Form really violent if angered enough).

Life as an AssassinEdit

Will has been a member of the assassins since he was 13 years old and is a very skilled person in combat. Will isn't the only Assassin in his family becuase its a family heritage, which means Amy, David, Jennifer and his uncle are Assassins as well (although Amy is a trainee and only joined recently).

Theme SongsEdit

Theme SongEdit

Will's Theme Song is Sector Sweep Half Life 2 OST.

Super Will's ThemeEdit

Super Will's Theme is the last 2 minutes of Access the Animus. A song from the game Assassins Creed.

Chase ThemeEdit

Will's Chase Theme is Trouble In Town Assassins Creed 3 OST.

Victory ThemeEdit

Will's Victory Theme is Something Secret Steers Us HL:2 OST.

Battle ThemeEdit

Will's Battle Theme is What Kinda Hospital is This? HL2 OST

Theme Songs Edit

Will's Theme

Will's Theme

Super Will's theme song

Super Will's theme song

Will's Chase Theme

Will's Chase Theme

Wills Battle Theme

Wills Battle Theme

Will's Battle Theme

Will's Victory Theme

Will's Victory Theme


"AWWW MAAH GAWD" - Whenever Will gets annoyed.

"Hey get outta the way!"

" Okay 1. Thats stupid, 2. Thats stupid, 3. your an idiot".

"Oh hahahaha, screw you" - When Mech called him a moron.

"Hey fatso how'd you get in there?" - Will teasing Eggman.

"Supercalafragilifloogiflagyoowagga ah screw it" - Will trying to pronounce Supercalafragilisticexpialadocius.


  • Will is named after the creator of Sonic Y.
  • His eyes were ment to be gold but were changed to green, cause the creator thought it would fit him more.
  • Like Will and Altar and some stuff from the Sonic Y series was thought from some elements from the Assassins Creed series because Willaca liked both sonic and the Assassins Creed series.
  • Whenever will loses something or trys to find something he taps hes entier body. 1st his chest, 2nd hes legs and thighs, then his head, followed by hes sleeves, then he checks the closest person next to him (this whole thing probally takes 10sec-20sec).
  • Whenever Will walks he Struffle's
  • Will has the same personality as Willaca. Some could say he's personality is a fursona of Willaca's.
  • Despite being Amy's brother. He has always called her sis.
  • Will has the most theme songs (7 theme songs to be exact).
  • Will, Altar and Sol Amy both don't have Sonic Character Designer artwork, because the game dosen't have the right stuff for it.
  • Will can also become Super Will if he is angered enough.
  • Willaca made a Trailer for Will Rose on YouTube.
    Will Rose Trailer

    Will Rose Trailer

    Will's Trailer Done On YouTube