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Team X Comics

Wechina is Ashura's brother. He left his brother after he joined Team X to track down Scourge and fight him.


Wechina in the Team X Comics.


Wechina's first fan artwork by Willaca.

SonAze Nega: the results

In this fanfic, Wechina is the robotic son of Sonic Nega and Blaze. Sense the DNA of a cat and a hedgehog are not close enough to have a hybrid baby, Sonic Nega built Wechina the hedgecat, a robotic teenager, with amazing abilities. Nega's speed and brain, and Blaze's flame and brawn! So, Wechina can do basically really cool stuff. Wechina soon joined the Freedom Fighters so he could teach younglings with pyrokinese or brains or both how one day, they too could be Freedom Fighters.

Wechina V.S Johnny Test

In this fanfic, Wechina is the son of Miles "Tails" Prower and Mina Mongoose. And Tails learned him how to fly.