Splash the Hedgehog's main quote
Turquoise "Splash" the Hedgehog
Splash is a hedgehog that loves water and watermelon!


Turquoise (fur) Blue (stripes, ears, stomach and arms) hot pink (eyes)






Loving water and surfing


Sonic, water, his friends


Evil things, Rouge


80 lb



Favorite Food Favorite Drink


Milk Shakes


Purple Goggles with light blue lens, Green Jacket with blue lining, Blue and sky colored shoes with white straps, white gloves

Turquiose is a friendly hedgehog that likes to be called Splash because he hates his real name. He can control water and turn into water. Splash is also a Freedom Fighter (that was before but he is now with Team Freedom).


Splash has turquoise fur, and blue stripes with pink eyes and a yellow outline of his eyes. His hair looks similiar to Sonic's. He has the signature white gloves and he has shoes that are made of the same materials as Sonic's shoes, but there are 2 differences.

  1. Water is made with Splash's shoes.
  2. His shoes are blue/sky blue.


Splash is a loving hedgehog that will help others in the time of need. He loves his friends and has a kind heart. He is up to any adventure with his hyrdokinesis.

Strengths and Powers

Splash is a speed type. He can use the element of water, surf, throw water balls and even spray water. He has mastered a few of Sonic's moves including the Spin Dash and Homing Attack. When he gets the Chaos Emeralds he turns into Super Splash/Soaking Splash (or Super Soaking Splash) and all his powers become stronger. Splash says he has mind control due to the moisture in others bodies but says its very hard to control he has done this power at lease once.




Meeting Sly

Splash was training at Seaside Hill, his hometown, when he notices Sly the Fox. Sly looks back and was rude to him by saying: "What are you staring at, you creep?" Splash says that he just wants to say "hi" by saying: "Whoa whoa whoa, I didnt do anything I just saw you and just wanted to say hi!" Sly wonders why he is talking her and and ask him who he is. Splash replies by saying his real name but to call him Splash. Sly shakes hands with Splash violently saying her name. Splash then shows her his hydrokinesis. Sly explains she cant get wet due to being a pyromancer. Splash explains his powers, like being able to control wate, turn into water, etc. Sly explains she has pyrokinesis and know martial arts. Splash ask if they should team up and Sly agrees. Splash then asks if she wants to go on adventures with him and she agrees. They then battle each other to test each others skills. They then realize they are perfectly matched.

Relationships with Other Characters




Quotation1 Splash and Sly solving crimes and making up rhymes. Quotation2
Splash when he met Sly



  • He seems to hate it when people call him the wrong color (Blue or green) and likes to be called the color Turquoise
    • Suprisenly his first name is Turquoise and he hates to be called by his first name
  • his favorite fruit is watermelon like his creator
  • Splash is obsessive over Watermelon as Sonic is obsessive over Chili Dogs
  • Splash loves popcicles
  • Splash is quite comical once in awhile
  • Splash is in one of MetalShadow272's When Wacky Worlds Colide issues in the 6th volume. The cameo can be found here, in issue 9, but he has a few errors:
    • The insides of his ears aren't blue
    • His eyes purple instead of hot pink
    • His jack doesn't have the blue trimming around the sleeves, collar, and bottom
    • His goggle lens aren't light blue

Theme Songs

Sonic Generations "Seaside Hill Modern " Music

Sonic Generations "Seaside Hill Modern " Music

Theme 1

Sonic Generations Music Rooftop Run (Modern)

Sonic Generations Music Rooftop Run (Modern)

Racing Theme

Sonic Generations 3DS OST - Modern Water Palace Remix

Sonic Generations 3DS OST - Modern Water Palace Remix

Battle Theme

Sonic Colors "Aquarium Park Act 1" Music

Sonic Colors "Aquarium Park Act 1" Music

Theme 2 (peacful theme)

Sonic the hedgehog 2006 "Wave Ocean The Inlet" Music

Sonic the hedgehog 2006 "Wave Ocean The Inlet" Music

Race Theme2

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Music-Metal Harbor

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Music-Metal Harbor

Theme 3

Sonic Generations 3DS OST - Classic Emerald Coast Remix

Sonic Generations 3DS OST - Classic Emerald Coast Remix

theme 4