Tiara Boobowski


Biographical Information
  • 15-16 (in Sonicpower comics)
  • 16 (In Sonic's Comic)
  • King Boobowski (father in Sonicpower comics)
  • Queen Boobowski (mother in Sonicpower comics)
  • Topaz the Hedgehog (cousin in Sonicpower comics)
Romantic Interests
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (first crush)
  • Silver the Hedgehog (Was Tiara's boyfriend in Sonicpower comics) (2nd Crush)
  • Johnny Test (Tiara's Current Boyfriend)

Ti (by Topaz only), Bow-Wow (a nickname she can't stand), Sparkles


Manx (Cat)

Appears in
  • Sonicpower Comics
  • Sonicpower Universe
  • Sonic's Comic

Princess Tiara Boobowski is a teenaged female Manx, who was a scrapped character from canceled game, Sonic X-Treme for the Sega Saturn. She returns in the Archie Fanon continuity. Tiara makes cameo appearances in the actual Archie Comics, but she gets the good treatment in Fanon.

In Sonicpower ComicsEdit

The Return of T.B!Edit

Tiara returned from being scrapped to an amazing, attention capturing character. She captured the romantic attention of Silver the Hedgehog, and married him in the future. Tiara returned as more powerful and worthy as a Freedom Fighter. Permission granted from the de-roboticized Sally Acorn, she became a Freedom Fighter leader.

It's Show Time!Edit

In the secondary story in Sonicpower Comics Issue 1, Tiara is nervous for her performance. She was going to sing to express how happy she was she was back with all her friends. She managed to do it, but the show was ruined by 'her little friends,' the Metal Series!

Friends with Big SimilaritiesEdit

SPOILERS: In Sonicpower Comics Issue 2 (coming soon), Tiara meets another scrapped character, Honey the Cat. They had some big similarities: both being scrapped. They seemed to get along quite well, and Tiara became BFF's with Honey. They also met Mina Mongoose, after having her heart trashed by Sonic. They all became such good friends, you could never see them without each other. Never.


After leaving her first crush behind, she met Silver the Hedgehog, who was desperate to meet his parents. With Tiara trying to achieve the same goal with meeting her parents, the two paired up and helped each other. They found romance with each other, when Silver confessed his true feelings for her on the way and then Tiara abandoned him for Johnny Test.

Relationships (In Sonicpower's Comics)Edit

Honey the CatEdit

Honey was Tiara's first best friend, and they both join Mina Mongoose in her adventures. They are always seen together, never alone. Honey is also Tiara's most trusted friend. Honey knows all of Tiara's secrets and wouldn't tell anybody about them.

Mina MongooseEdit

Another one of Tiara's best friends, but not as good as Honey. Tiara and Honey met Mina while she was crying under the shade of a tree. The two helped Mina with her problems, and now, they stand up for her, for whatever happens to her.

Topaz the HedgehogEdit

Tiara's first friend, also cousin. They are really good friends now, and they are in Team Seductive together.


  • Freaka-deak-meak? Wha?! - After an alien speaks to her
  • Weeell, what's this? A DEAF IDIOT?! - Screaming at Thermos
  • Twinkle, Sparkle, Duff! - Expressing her love for Duff Beer
  • Why was I ever excluded from this place? I just wanna know - Wanting to find out answers
  • Honey, that's a great idea! Let's do it! - Responding to Honey