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Threetails the Fox (full name Threetails Firefly) is a 14 yr old Fox who came from the Silent Planet and can control electricity and use levitation powers. She is friends with Bruce, PIXEL and Dexter, who she teams up with to form Team Metal. On the Silent Planet, her name means "Death Bringer". She has an adopted daughter named Rebecca. And is also the leader of Team Metal, she is the flight type.

She is also the fursona of Thundertails14

Threetails the Fox










Electricity powers, levitation powers, can revive people, teleportation, silent energy.


Shadow, Rebecca, her friends, fighting, winning, guarding the Silent Planet, ginger beer, electricity, playing video games, heavy metal music, singing, dancing.


Taldeva, Rassilon, Eggman, Scourge, water, Hazel, losing, Dexter(sometimes), El Dorado(at first), people drinking her ginger beer, Threetails Doll(at first), Metal Basil starring at her in a weird way, when her family and friends are in danger, people throwing buckets of water on her.


Thunder Threetails(her Super Form) Guardian Threetails(her Guardian form) Threetails the Werefox(her Wereform)


Hazel, Hazelnut, Dumb Blonde(by Dexter and Taldeva), Stupid(by Taldeva), Death Bringer, Goldern warrior.

Romantic Interest

Shadow the Hedgehog

The loss

When Threetails was 10 years old, the Silent Planet was under attack by Eggman, destroying everything in his path he desided to hunt down Threetails and her family. Threetails, Dexter, River and their father, Arthur Firefly were hiding in a near by cave, trying to protect her family Threetails check to see if Eggman had left the planet, thinking he had she desided to walk out of the cave to only them be caught by Eggman. He then caught Threetails's family and ordered Arthur to hand over the Lightning Crystal (which contains a huge amount of energy which can destroy the whole planet), Arthur then refused which then caused Eggman to order his robots to kill him, Threetails watching this whole moment told Dexter to cover his and River's eyes, after that it was to late for Threetails to cover hers, her father had been killed right infront of her face. Eggman then took Threetails and her friends to his base and raised them to become strong warriors. Threetails still depressed from what she saw gave up everything to become the strongest warrior in Eggman's army.


Threetails does appear in the Sonicpower Comics, in issue 2 she believes that Topaz has been working with the enemy, which results in Topaz killing herself but some how comes back, another thing is that Threetails and Shadow have become a couple during this issue.


She can control electricity, it doesn't hurt since she has armour around her, and also can absorb it. She can also levitate. Also, the electricity is her life force, if it's gone, she dies. She also owns a glove that has claws that is her weapon(used in battle and was used during the battle of the Silent Planet). She can also, by using the Lightning Crystal, can turn into her Super Form, Thunder Threetails. She can also ride her hoverboard, the "Golden Thunder". She also, like Bruce and Dexter, has a Guardian Form, as she is the protector of the Silent Planet, she turns pink while in this form, she can enter this form with the Lightning Crystal. Being a Guardian means she can heal people, and bring them back to life, using her electricity. She can also teleport using the Silent Energy. She can also make Silent Blasts, Electro Blasts and use her Electro Bullet attack.

She can also turn into a werefox(her wereform), but only when she's really, REALLY angry and at nighttime. She is only able to access this form once a month for an unkown reason.

Thunder Threetails is the Super Form of Threetails the Fox. Unlike other super forms, Threetails can use it whenever she is angry, the Crystal glows and she accesses it.

Uses of the Lightning Crystal

She uses it when she is angry. She has used it alot of times, but it was painful, so she hasn't used it again. Whenever she is in her super form or guardian form, she always has a purpose but it's varied(of reasons only she knows).

Forms accessed though the Lightning Crystal:

  • Thunder Threetails (Super form)
  • Guardian Threetails: (Guardian form)

Forms accessed though pure anger:

  • Threetails the Werefox (wereform)


Threetails has some weaknesses, she has a huge fear of water and can't swim, reason why she's afraid of water is because when she was little she nearly drowned in Diamond Reef Zone, luckily she was saved by her father. She is also fairly aggressive at times which can cause her to be very destructive.

Relationships with other characters


Dexter the Fox(twin brother)

River the Fox(little sister)

Metal Sonic(adopted brother)

Arthur Firefly(father)

E-123 Omega(adopted cousin)

Pancakes the Fox(cousin)

Rebecca the Rabbit(adopted daughter)


(i'll add more later on)

PIXEL(best friend and sidekick)

Bruce the Hedgehog(best friend)

Dexter the Fox(best friend)

Fry the Hedgehog(close friend)

Topaz the Hedgehog(close friend)

Crystal the Raccoon(close friend)

Will Rose

Mech Prower

Altar the Raccoon

Crush Kyd

Sol Amy Rose

Silver the Hedgehog

Blaze the Cat


Sonic the Hedgehog

Knuckles the Echidna

Miles "Tails" Prower

Threetails Doll

Opal the Dingo


Dr. Eggman

Taldeva the Fox(worst enemy)

Rassilon the Hedgehog

Rouge the Bat(rival)

Dexter the Fox(rival in pranking)

Scourge the Hedgehog(ex-boyfriend and also enemy)

El Dorado the Hedgehog(friendly rival)

Lorenzo the Hedgehog(friendly rival)

Hazel the Fox

Opal the Dingo(friendly rival)

Love Interest

Shadow the Hedgehog


She can get really aggressive, she is also a bit nice, only sometimes though(when she's in a good mood). When she is mad, only Crystal and Eevee can calm her down. Like one instance when Shadow and Rouge were making out, she wanted to get them, but Eevee said" No, you are superior, they are inferior"(even though Shadow likes Threetails now). When she's really really mad she'll start going off at her friends it sometimes goes as far as her fighting her own family. She's not as hyper and crazy as she used to be, she's more serious. (some people even say she's starting to become more like her father)

Board Stastistics

Name: Golden Thunder

Type: Any(Grind, Air Ride and Bike)

Description: Just like it's rider it's full of electricity and is very powerful, only Threetails is able to control this board.

Attack: She levitates along the track while shooting sparks of electricity at the other racers.

Attire: Light blue top, long grey pants, purple gloves with black rings, purple and black shoes.


Don't mess with the electricity-her main quote

Die!-when she uses ThunderShoot in SH2:TUB.

I'll kill you!-when angry

Will you shut up already?!-when really angry at Dexter(or anybody for that matter...)

Just try and stop me!-when starting a race in SR:GU

Later, loser!-when passing someone in a race in SR:GU

Bring it on!

You wanna go?!

I'm pathetic!-When losing a race

Don't make me come over there!

Why won't you die?-when fighting Taldeva

WHAT!!!-when she's shocked about something

Come on Taldeva lets fight!-when she was fighting Taldeva

I'm not blonde, i'm gold!-when Dexter called her a dumb blonde

Taldeva I'm the Death Bringer, your nothing compared to me-when Taldeva thought she was stronger than Threetails

Don't......touch.....MY GINGER BEER!!!!!


I'll add more pics later on.



Theme Songs

Defy You by Offspring

Threetails's main theme song, this song describes her personality.

Defy You - The Offspring

Defy You - The Offspring

Threetails's main theme song

Black and Gold by Sam Sparro

Her happy theme, when she saves her planet, etc.(adding music later)

Sam Sparro - Black&Gold

Sam Sparro - Black&Gold

Her happy theme

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams by Green Day

Her depressed theme, when her parents died or when ever she's really depressed.(adding music later)

Boulevard of broken dreams by Greenday

Boulevard of broken dreams by Greenday

Her depressed theme


  • Threetails's name was originally Crystal.
  • She also was originally a wolf.
  • Threetails never had a design until January 2011.
  • Although she doesn't look it but Threetails is the most powerful person on the Silent Planet. Ed comes second and El Dorado comes third.
  • When ever Threetails is mind controlled her eyes turn red and her fur turns to a dark gold, but no one knows that she is being mind controlled.