Team Metal comprises of Threetails the Fox, Dexter the Fox, PIXEL and Bruce the Hedgehog. Threetails is of the Flight formation, Dexter is of the Power formation and Bruce is of the Speed formation. PIXEL is more of a navigator, telling and showing the team where to go.

Team BlastEdit

Their Team Blast is called Lightning Dash, where the team runs at high speeds while Threetails grabs Dexter and Bruce by the legs and electrifies them while spinning rapidly to electrify and defeat enemies.

Threetails the FoxEdit

A golden fox and is the leader of the group. She can control electricity, is a guardian of the Silent Planet and has a computer/hologram that is her best friend and navigator. She is 14 years old.


A friendly hologram/super computer who is Threetails' partner. She has the power to control electricity, can hack into any computer and is the navigator of the team.

Dexter the FoxEdit

A silver fox who is a support guardian of the Silent Planet and is the twin brother of Threetails, he also has supreme strength. He is 14 years old.

Bruce the HedgehogEdit

A bronze hedgehog who is a support guardian of the Silent Planet, he is fastest of the group and was Dexter and Threetails' protector. He is 29 years old.

Theme SongEdit

Out of the Silent Planet by Iron MaidenEdit

This song describes the team's personality and how they have always been together, even through the darkest of days. (music coming soon)


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  • The reason their called Team Metal is because they all were battle armor when on an adventure as a team.