Taldeva is black fox who's Threetails' worst enemy. She looks like a dark version of Threetails but with only one tail. Taldeva was a guardian but was replaced by Threetails cause she was to dangerous and nearly destroyed the Silent Planet. She was the girlfriend of Rex Thunder the Hedgehog until she broke up with him. Rassilon the Hedgehog is her best friend and her partner in crime.

Taldeva the Fox










electricity, energy from the Silent Planet, teleportation


Rassilon, Eggman(sometimes), destroying people, fighting, controlling the Silent Planet.


Rex, Threetails and her friends, being beaten, not being a guardian, happiness, Rex hanging out with Threetails, the Silent Planet.


She has the abilite to control electricity, she got this ability when she absorbed Threetails powers, she also can use energy from the Silent Planet to destroy her enemies. The energy can be use to control the minds and the Silent Planet. She also has a super form called Dark Lightning Taldeva which she uses when Threetails has annoyed her to the limit.



Rassilon the Hedgehog(close friend)

Dr. Eggman

(nearly anyone who is an enemy of Threetails)


Threetails the Fox(worst enemy)

Crystal the Raccoon

Topaz the Hedgehog

Shadow the Hedgehog

Knuckles the Echidna

(anyone who is one of Threetails' allies)


She has a very angry personality, so she can be quiet aggressive at times. She's only happy when she's in control of Threetails or the Silent Planet. She is nearly always angry because she always is beaten by Threetails. She can sometimes be very annoyed at people, usually Rassilon(because he'll annoy her with his depression)


I will destroy this planet-when she was going to destroy the Silent Planet

I'm the real guardian not you-when she was telling Threetails that she's the real guardian

Get up and fight me-when Threetails was really weak

Rex I hate you-when she broke up with Rex

Come on Rassilon, let's destroy them all-when her and Rassilon were about to destroy the Silent Planet.

I always knew you were a weakling-when winning in a fight against Threetails(which rarely happens)

Die you little pest!!!-when she was trying to kill Threetails.

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