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This is the 6th Issue of Spongebob100 Comics.


(Need a cover of the All Star Freedom Fighters inside a trapped bunker)


Story OneEdit

"Mecha Shall Stand, Mecha Shall Fall: Part 1 (Mecha Power)

(Takes place during Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Issue 237)

The All Star Freedom Fighters have located Mecha Topaz & Mecha Sally, the 2 Roboticized Girls are seen with their new ally Mecha Deimos. 3 Roboticized Mechas formed a team called "Team Mecha" and the All Star Freedom Fighters are here to stop them & return them to normal. Can our Heroes defeat Team Mecha & stop their plans? And what surprize is waiting for our heroes?

Story TranscriptEdit

We see that Mecha Deimos is walking away from the Remains of the Destroyed Death Egg Mark II, still looking damaged. He didn't noticed that this Death Egg Mark II is a decoy because we see that Dr. Eggman, Dr. EggPlankton, Lien-Da & the Hench Combots are returning to the Real Death Egg Mark II. But Eggman notices someone is missing & it's Mecha Sally & Mecha Topaz.

Back with Mecha Deimos, he finds the Destroyed city of New Megaopolis & goes inside a ruined bunker which is still in ruin, but not destroyed. Mecha Deimos thought that this Bunker is the only building in New Megaopolis not destroyed during the launch of the Death Egg II (STH: #224). Suddendly he spotted 2 Figures in the shadows & they're Mecha Sally & Mecha Topaz. Mecha Deimos notices that they are two roboticized females & immediately fall in loves with both of them, saying that both Mecha Sally & Mecha Topaz are beautiful robotic babes, but Mecha Sally tells him that he needs to be Weaponised & Mecha Topaz added that she & Mecha Sally can help Mecha Deimos be weaponised & get his revenge on the All Star Freedom Fighters, in which Mecha Deimos agrees.

Later at New Knothole, the All Star Freedom Fighters are training Hank & Sanford for their fighting skills to improve, but Hank & Sanford are already finished very fast because their Fighters before. Suddendly they hear NICOLE calling out to the All Star Freedom Fighters from inside Freedom HQ. They come inside Freedom HQ, but there's no sign of NICOLE, only to find that NICOLE is inside the Computer still feels sad from her loss of Sally Acorn. They can only see words from the Computer meaning that NICOLE can't show his face to the All Star Freedom Fighters. They tried to tell her not to worry, but she can't come out because she said that she had failed her. They tried to convince NICOLE, but no matter how hard they tried, NICOLE can't come out, until Patricia said that we've failed once, but they don't mind, causing NICOLE to say "You have?". Jack said that we can't even get our missions right & Patricia added that we even mess up our own attacks. Spongebob suggests that we should go for a walk & everyone agrees with him. So they go for a walk, not before Metal Patricia said to NICOLE that everyone makes mistakes.

The All Star Freedom Fighters are walking through the Forest & out to the Grassy Fields, wondering what's wrong with NICOLE, but they have no clue on what's wrong. So they went out for a walk anyway. But they didn't notice that Mina Mongoose is coming inside Freedom HQ to find NICOLE. (STH: #237)

Meanwhile, back at the Bunker of New Megaopolis, Mecha Sally & Mecha Topaz we're working on Mecha Deimos's Weaponization together. Mecha Sally can't get her bad memories about Jack defeating her back at Ogre Temple (S100: #2) out of her head. Mecha Topaz tells her to lighten up, causes Mecha Sally to threaten Mecha Topaz that if Mecha Topaz doesn't quit making fun of Mecha Sally, but was interupted by Mecha Deimos saying that is he done yet. Mecha Sally & Mecha Topaz coldy said "No". And then the 2 Roboticized Females continued their work on Mecha Deimos.

Somewhere not to far away from the bunker, the All Star Freedom Fighters notices the Bunker in New Megaopolis, so they decided to check it out, not knowing that there's an Ambush inside. As they entered inside, the Doors & Windows suddendly closes shut with Steel. They all reliese that it's an Ambush. As soon they all noticed it, Mecha Sally & Mecha Topaz appears & tells them that they're not alone. To Hank's & Sanford's Shock, they saw another Mecha appears between Mecha Sally & Mecha Topaz. And it's Mecha Deimos who has been Weaponised.

Story TwoEdit

"Dr. EggPlankton's Recruitment Day (Staring: Dr. EggPlankton)"

Dr. EggPlankton has set up New Jack-4 Bots & teaches them about the All Star Freedom Fighters & what they're capable of. How would it turn out for Dr. EggPlankton?

Story TranscriptEdit

Dr. EggPlankton & his Hench-Combots, Redbot, Yellowbot, Greenbot & Bluebot notices the all new Jack-4 Bots have entered inside. Dr. EggPlankton shows the Jack-4 Bots about their targets: the All Star Freedom Fighters.

"More Coming Soon"


Story OneEdit

  • Jack the Hedgehog
  • Patricia the Skunk
  • Spongebob the Hedgehog
  • Patrick the Echidna
  • Squidward the Fox
  • Ed the Crocodile
  • Edd the Chameleon
  • Eddy the Bee
  • Total Drama Characters
    • Owen the Bear
    • Gwen the Swallow
    • Heather the Bat
    • Duncan the Dingo
    • LeShawna the Panther
    • Geoff the Kangaroo
    • Izzy the Chipmunk
    • DJ the Rabbit
    • Lindsay the Fox
    • Bridgette the Dolphin
    • Trent the Eagle
    • Eva the Gorilla
    • Harold the Chameleon
    • Courtney the Cat
    • Beth the Meerkat
    • Cody the Hedgehog
    • Tyler the Monkey
    • Katie & Sadie the Pandas
    • Justin the Hawk
    • Noah the Bandicoot
    • Ezekiel the Moose
    • Alejandro the Echidna
    • Sierra the Hedgehog
    • Chris Mclean the Hedgehog
    • Chef Hatchet the Turtle
  • The Piraka (Spongebob100)
    • Reidak the Hedgehog
    • Hakann the Hedgehog
    • Vezok the Hedgehog
    • Zaktan the Hedgehog
    • Avak the Hedgehog
    • Thok the Hedgehog
  • Mung Daal the Monkey
  • Schnitzel the Gorilla
  • Mr Krabs the Crab
  • Meltdown the Crocodile
  • Xplode the Hedgehog
  • Thunder the Echidna
  • Corroder the Crab
  • Rotor the Fox
  • Drilldozer the Echidna
  • Jetbug the Bee
  • Nitroblast the Gorilla
  • Waspix the Wasp
  • Raw Jaw the Echidna
  • Fangz the Wolf
  • Scorpio the Scorpion
  • Chip & Skip the Hedgehogs
  • Timon the Meerkat & Pumbaa the Warthog
  • Boggy B the Worm
  • Mordecai the Jay & Rigby the Raccoon
  • The Rahkshi
    • Turahk the Wolf
    • Guurahk the Wolf
    • Lerahk the Wolf
    • Panrahk the Wolf
    • Vorahk the Wolf
    • Kurahk the Wolf
  • Metal Patricia
  • Hank J. Wimbleton the Werehog
  • Sanford the Echidna
  • Mecha Topaz
  • Mecha Sally
  • Mecha Deimos

Story TwoEdit

  • Dr. EggPlankton
  • Redbot
  • Yellowbot
  • Greenbot
  • Bluebot


Key EventsEdit

  • The Destroyed Death Egg Mark II that the All Star Freedom Fighters destroyed is actually a decoy made by Dr. Eggman.
  • Mecha Deimos teams up with Mecha Sally & Mecha Topaz.
  • Mecha Deimos is weaponised by Mecha Sally & Mecha Topaz.

Background InformationEdit

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