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Sonic Club
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Episodes by:

Rose Wolf

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Sonic Club is like Sonic X, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Underground as it is about Sonic and he's friends getting blasted out of space they soon land in earth and meet Ben and he's sister Chole. Like Sonic Underground it has songs in the middle of the episode and like Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog it has 'Sonic Says'. Most of the episodes are bassed on the Archie comics and video games.



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Episode 1

Sonic Way Past Cool

Episode 2 Wedding Blues
Episode 3 Sally Vs Amy
Episode 4
Tails Little Tale
Episode 5 Sonic and Sallys Love Tale
Episode 6 Meeting Mina
Episode 7 When a Hedgehog is king

Episode 8

Manic and Mina
Episode 9 Lost and found

Episdoe 10

Prison only for blue
Episode 11

Knuckles the Knucklehead

Episode 12 Sonic Championship

Episode 13

Countdown to Mayhem