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About IssueEdit

First Story:

The first story called Super Sonic Rainbow Power is when Sonic and Sally see a Rainbow. As they look at the Rainbow it gets bigger and bigger and the sky gets red. The Rainbow gets nearer and nearer and Sonic and Sally get sucked in to the Rainbow. When they get sucked in the Rainbow the Sky goes blue again as it is raining and the sun goes down very slowly . Sally says that when the sun goes down, the Rainbow will go down and they with be stuck there till the Sun goes up while it is raining.Sonic says that they should get out before the Rainbow goes. But when they look behind them Scourge is there. Scourge says that he has changed his heart to good and says that he will help them. Sonic trusts Scourge with Sally looking for clues. Sally looks at Scourge knowing he will do something evil to them. As Scourge, Sally and Sonic reach the end of the Rainbow they see the Chaos Emeralds; Sonic picks them up. Sally says that with the Chaos Emeralds they will go back to their home. Scourge snatches the Chaos Emeralds and uses them to turn super. The boys fight and Sonic gets beaten by Scourge. Sally attacks him but Scourge tries to throw her off.Scourge stamps on Sallys foot and Sally screams.Scourge punchs her on her nose and Sally falls on her feet. As Sonic see's Sally bleed he then punchs Scourge and kicks him.Sonic takes the Chaos Emeralds and picks up Sally and runs off. He jumps out the end and the sun goes down with Scourge trapped inside the Rainbow.As Sally wakes up in Sonic's arms and she kisses him. Sonic smiles and runs off with her in his arms.

Second StoryEdit

Find out how Fiona met Eggman.


Story 1 scriptEdit

Sonic: Remeber when you found out I was going out with Blaze

Sally: Yeah

Sonic: You were way past jealous then

(Sonic and Sally laugh)

Sally: So you love Blaze

Sonic: I love you and Blaze!

Sally: Yeah, I love you and Knuckles

(Sonic smiles at Sally)

Sonic: Remember when I went out with Mina*

Editor: See Archie Sonic the Hedgehog issue 90

Sally: Remember when I nearly married with Antione?

Editor: See Archie Sonic the Hedgehog issue 155

Sonic: Me and Bunnie where so upset

Sonic: I feel sorry for my Tails

Sally: Why?

Sonic: Fiona loves Scrooge and he thinks I am he's brother

Sally: Tails will find out that you are not he's brother

Sonic: Thats what I worried about

Sally: Whats that?!

(Sonic and Sally get sucked into a rainbow)

Sonic: What happend!

Scrooge: I know!

Sonic and Sally: Scrooge?!

Sally: What are you doing here?

Scrooge: I got sucked in a rainbow. Then I Found YOU!

Sonic: You are on Eggmans Side

Scrooge: Not any more I want to be a Freedom Fighter like you!

Sally: Sorry enough people are in the Freedom Fighters

(Sally wallks of and Sonic grabs her hand)

Sally: Sonic!

Sonic: I think he is telling the truth

Scrooge: And I know who to get out.

Sonic: Cool! Come on Sal!

Sally: Ok! Help me look for clues first!

Sonic: You have not been listining have you?

Sally: Wait a Chaos Emraleds! This will get us back to home!

Sonic: That is what we have been looking for the whole time!

(Scrooge snatchs the Chaos Emraleds)

Scrooge: Mine I think!

(Scrooge turns super)

Scrooge: Now I can get out of this rainbow!

Sonic: I thought you were going to help us!

(The boys fight)

Sonic: Sally help!

(Sonic gets beaten)

Scrooge: Now the girl is the only one left, this will be easy!

Sally: I not just a girl...

(Sally jumps on Scrooge)

Sally: I'm a Princess!

(Scrooge tries to throw her off)

Scrooge: Well I hate Princesses like YOU!

(Scrooge stamps on Sally foot)

Sally: Ow! Stop it!

(Scrooge punches Sally on her nose and Sally falls on her fee)

Sonic: Sal? Sal!


(Sonic kicks Scrooge)

Sonic: The chaos emeraleds

(Sonic picks up Sally)

Sonic: The end on the rainbow!

Scrooge: No! Don't leave me! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Sonic: Come on Sal!

(Sally wakes up)

Sally: Sonic? Where is Scrooge?

Sonic: Stuck in the Rainbow!

(Sally kisses Sonic)

Sonic: Come on Sal lets juice!

(Sonic runs with Sally in his hands smileing)

Scrooge: I'll be back!