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About issueEdit

First StoryEdit

In the last issue Tails got shot by Anti Tails.
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Tails turned into a ghost with everone thinking he was dead. In this issue called Night of the living Tails is when Tails finds out that he has turned into a ghost. Tails rushes to the Freedom Fighters but finds out they have gone! He see's a note saying 'Gone to fight Eggman for killing Tails'. Tails gets worried that Eggman would kill Sonic and the freedom fighters.Tails has no choice but to scare the Freedom fighters out of Eggmans place.

Second StoryEdit

Insted of 3 comic it is 2 comics now with Fiona's Diary still there in Fionas Diary in the issue is where you see how Fira beacame a bad guy.


First issue Script:

Tails: I am still alive but I am a ghost*.

Editor: See last issue

Tails: But, The Freedom Fighters left me. SO THEY THINK I AM DEAD!

Sonic: I keep on hearing Someone but no one is there

Sally: Me too

Amy: Same!

Tails: At least they can hear me! (Sonic runs of super fast!)

Tails: Sonic wait!

(Tails gets to the Freedom Fighters Home)

Tails: They have even put a Statue of me up with some flowers.

(Tails See's a note)

Tails: The are going to fight the Evil Freedom Fighters and Eggman for shooting me!

Tails: They will die!

Tails: Of corse when there is a will there is a way!

(At Eggmans castle)

Sonic: Come on guys!

Antoine: There are no Ghosts are there?

Sonic: No Ant! Ghost are not real!

Antoine: If there was I would be the ze most scard Freedom Fighter!

Sonic: You are!

Antoine: Shut Up!

Sonic: Remember, this is for Tails

Tails: Time for me to act!

Antoine: There are no ghost! There are no ghost! There are no...



(Antoine runs off)

Sonic: Where is Antonie?

Sally: Yeah where is Ant?



(Sally runs off)

Sonic: Sally you know that dance party thingy? Sal? Sal? Sal? Sally gone too!

Amy: Don't worry! She can't be kidnaped by a ghost..........


Amy: A Ghost! Run! AHHHHHHHHHHH!

(Amy runs off)

Knuckles: Sonic. I think there is a ghost in here!

Sonic: Ghost are not real!



(Knuckles runs off)

(Tails keeps on scaring everyone!)

Sonic: Mabey there is a ghost in here!

(Sonic see's a Choas Emeraled)

Sonic: Time to go Super Sonic!

(Sonic turns into Super Sonic)

Tails: The Choas Emeraled can turn back to normal

(Tails turns back to normal!)

Super Sonic: Tails?

Tails: Sonic?

Sonic: Good to have you back little budy!

(Sonic and Tails hug)

Tails: I scared the Freedom Fighters to there home

Sonic: But I did not see you!

Tails: Never Mind!

Sonic: We might aswell take down that Statue!

Tails: Yeah we should!

(Fionas Diary Script coming soon)

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