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About issueEdit

First StoryEdit

The 3rd issue of Sonic's Comic has 1 new story
called Fiona's Diary. In the first story called Tails Vs Tails? is when Evil Tails trys to kill Tails and Tails trys to kill Evil Tails! A epic battle starts and Tails wins but nearly dies.

Second StoryEdit

In the second story called Sally and Amy is when Sally and Amy make up again. As they walk together The Tails Doll Attacks them. The use teamwork and defet the Tails Doll. Then they fight about Sonic (again). Sally and Amy  are then enemies and they hate eachother.

Third StoryEdit

In the third story called Fiona's Diary is were you see how Fiona met Tails and loved him (For a while) and broke up with him.


Story 1 Script:

Tails: It is the end Anti Tails*

Editor: Tails Anti self

Anti Tails: I'll beat you anyway!

Tails: Oh yeah!? Remember when me and the Freedom fighters won that fight*?

Editor: See the Archie Sonic comic issue %24 to see the battle

Anti Tails: Whatever! We almost won anyway!

Tails: Sonic said we he met your leader Evil Sonic he won*!

Editor: See the Archie Sonic comic issue %11 to see how Sonic won!

Anti Tails: Evil Sonic? He is called Scrooge Now!

Tails: Are you ready?

Anti Tails: Always!

(Anti Tails punchs Tails)

Anti Tails: Too easy!

(Tails Kicks Anti Tails)

Tails: Like always good wins and evil lose!

(Anti Tails takes gun out of pocket)

Anti Tails: I don't think so!

Anti Tails: Keep still pest!

Tails: In your dreams!

(Tails runs into Sonic) Tails: Hi Sonic!

Sonic: Tails!

(Anti Tails shoots)

Sonic: Tails look out!

Tails: Uh oh!

(Tails gets shot)

Sonic: TAILS NO!

Anti Tails: Your Next Hedgehog

(Sally hits Anti Tails)

Sally: You should think before you kill Sonic!

Sonic: Sal

(Sonic runs to Sally and kisses her)

Amy: Don't worry Sonic!

(Amy hits Anti Tails with her Hammer)

Sonic: So you two are friends now?

(Amy and Sally look at eachother)

Sally and Amy: No!

Sally: Amy, you know what to do!

Amy: Oh yeah!

(Amy picks Sally up and gives her Hammer to Sally)

Sally: Ready

Amy: Yes.

(Amy throws Sally)

Sally: Take that Anti Tails!

(Hits Anti Tails with Hammer)

Amy: Here I go!

(Amy makes a tornado and it hits Anti Tails)

Amy and Sally: Thats girl power for ya!

Sonic: What about Tails?

Sally: Sonic, this might be the end of Tails.


Sally: He might come back!

Sonic: I hope so Sally!

Amy: Tails won anyway! Sally: You know, He will always remeber you

Sonic: Come on lets tell the Freedom fighters about our story!

Tails (As a ghost): Sonic wait! Wait a min I can't see my self! Mabey I have turned into a GHOST!

Ghost Tails: I think that was the last time I'll see Sonic again

Editor: What do you think will happen next? Keep reading and find out!

Story 2 Script:

Amy: Hi Sally

Sally: Hi Amy

Amy: I am sorry about the dance room calamity*

Editor: See last issue

Sally: I am sorry for slapping you on the face

Amy: So are we freinds again

Sally: I think so.

(Amy and Sally shake hands) Sally: Come on lets get a hotdog!

Amy: Ok!

(While the girls are walking they see the Tails Doll!)

Tails Doll: Play with me!

Amy: No way!

Sally: Shhh! He will kil you if you don't!

Amy: Oh ok! Little Doll Freak!

Sally: We are so dead!

Tails Doll: Attack!

Sally: Uh oh!

Amy: Remember what we did to save Sonic?

Sally: Oh yeah!


(Amy hits Tails Doll with her Hammer and Sally kicks it)

Amy and Sally: Amy and Sally tornado!

(Both Girls turn into a tornado and hit the Tails Doll)

(Tails Doll explodes)

Sally: Well done Amy!

Amy: Anyway, I can do powers like Sonic because he loves me

Sally: Amy he loves me

Amy: No Me!

Sally: No me!

Amy: Me!

Sally: Me!

Amy: I'm off!

Sally: Me too!

(Fiona's Diary Script coming soon)

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