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First StoryEdit

This is the second issue of Sonic's Comic .==
In the first story Amy vs Sally, is when Amy find outs Sonic loves Sally . Amy gets jealous and thinks of a plan to get rid of Sally being Sonics boyfriend . At Sonic and Sallys dance Amy trips up Sally . Then Amy hits Sally with her hammer.Sally gets mad a smacks Amy. Everybody watch as the two friends break up.They fight till Sonic stops them. Amy shouts to Sally 'that one day Sonic will be with her'. Sally and Amy start crying then Amy storms of as Sonic holds Sallys hand as they watch Amy run of moaning.

Second StoryEdit

The Second Story is called Tails vs Knuckles is when Tails and Knuckles fight over being Sonics friend Tails tells Knuckles that he had been longer with Sonic so he is Sonics best friend. Knuckles punch's Tails and says that he is Sonics best friend because Tails is 12 and Sonic is 20 and that he is 22 Tails stamps on Knuckles foot and shouts in Knuckles ear that he is Sonics best friend Knuckles does the same thing and they both fight Sonic comes past them with Shadow and they both ask "Who is your best friend?" Sonic says that non of them were, Shadow was he's best friend.Knuckles and Tails look at eachother the fight had been a waste of time!


Story one Characters:

Story two characers


Story one:

Sally: It is good in Mobious again

Sonic: Since you were Roboticized* I was worried you would be a robot forver.

Editor: * See the archie sonic issue% 230 to see how it happend and see the Sonic's comic issue%1 to see how it ended.

Sally: If Amy spots us we are in trouble!

Sonic: Why

Sally: You know why

Sonic: Oh yeah!

Amy: So.. Sonic has chose a chipmunck over me!

Sally: We better go to the dance.

Sonic: Yeah we should!

(Sonic and Sally kiss)

Amy: hmph. Even though Sally is my friend I got get Sonic to brake up with her.

Editor: That is a bit mean Amy

Amy: Shut it you!

Editor: I think I'll gt out of this issue

Amy: Thank you!

(At the dance)

Sonic: Sally, this is the best thing that happend to me do you think that to?

Sally: Yes Sonic I love...

(Amy trips over Sally)

Sally: Hey!

Sonic: Sal!

Amy: Hello Sonic!

Sonic: AMY!

(Amy hits Sally with her hammer)

Amy: That is my boy Sal!

Sally: AMY! I thought we were friends!

Amy: We are!

Sally: Then why are you doing this?

Amy: Because I want Sonic to myself

Sally: I knew you didn't care about me!

(Sally smakes Amy)

(Amy and Sally fight and fight)

Sonic: STOP!

(Sally and Amy cry)

Amy: One day Sonic will love me!

(Amy runs off )

Sonic: You are still friends, right?

Sally: I don't think so Sonic.

Story Two:

Tails: Knuckles I have seen you with Sonic!

Knuckles: Yes, No reason to be angry though!

Tails: He is my best friend!

Knuckles: No he is my best friend!

Tails: I have been with him longer though*!

Editor: Have you played Sonic 2?

Knuckles: But Sonic is 21 you are 12 and I am 22!

Tails: SO?!?!?!

Knuckles: Sonic is a grown hedgehog!

Tails: But I am he's brother*!

Editor: Do you know Sonic has a fake brother? You do now!

(Tails and Knuckle kick,punch, hit, bite, poke and jump on eachother

Sonic: Hey guys Long time no see!

Tails and Kuckles: Who is your best friend?!

Sonic: Shadow is!

(Sonic and Shadow walk off)

Knuckles: Did he say I was he's best friend?

Tails: You are so dumb!

Knuckles: No you are!

Tails: No you are!