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Sol Amy is Amy Rose from the Sol dimension in Sonic Y


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Sol Amy Rose (ソルエイミーローズ) is Amy Rose from the Sol Dimension.

Early LifeEdit

Sol Amy's early life is really hard and missreable. She was bullyed at school and barely spent anytime with her family and the only one she actually trust was Sol Will. The reason she barely spent time with her family was that her father was a banker, her mother was a model and her uncle was an Assassin mentor (In Sonic's dimension Amy's uncle isn't a mentor but only to his nephew & neice). And the only person she spent time with was Sol Will.

When Life got Harder Edit

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When her brother was executed with his father in an event similar to what happend to Will's father from Sonic's Dimension's (Except that Will survived). When Will tried to rescue his father he fell over and was shot by a lazer. Which got Sol Amy's life harder.

It Just get's Worse and Worse and WorseEdit

2 years after Sol Amy's brother was executed, she found out that Blaze the Cat, the protector of the Sol Emerald's, was making fake Sol Emerald's and was going to put them on the Sol Emerald's Altar so she had an idea. So she went to tell Blaze the idea, Blaze saw her running up the hill and wondered what she's doing, when Sol Amy catched up to her she was out of breath but managed to tell Blaze her plan. Sol Amy said "Blaze I....I have an idea!" "What is it?" blaze asked. Then Sol Amy told her plan "If you give me the fake Sol Emerald's I'll go to Eggman Nega and ask him what my brother's last word's where because well ya know? the execution. Anyway when I get to Negaland i'll ask him the question while you hide the real Sol emeralds." Blaze with the amazement agreed to Sol Amy's plan and Accepted it.

The Biggest Mistake Anyone Could MakeEdit

When the 2 were getting there plan ready they got the emeralds they were supposed to get but there's one mistake Sol Amy made. Sol Amy accidently got the bag full of the real Sol Emeralds and took off. Blaze noticing this when she grabbed the wrong bag, she had to go tell Sol Amy before it was to late in which she was. Which was noticed when there was a Solbius (name of Mobius in the Sol universe) announcment about him already taken over in which there was metal and robot's everywhere you turn. When Sol Amy came back Blaze asked her why didn't she look in the bag before she left, in which Sol Amy replied "I....I was just so... So determined what his last word's were i'm...I'm sorry" "SORRY'S NOT GONNA GET THE SOL EMERALDS BACK NOW IS IT!" Blaze replied with rage. Then Sol Amy left with guilt and tear's running down her face.

Solbius ??? don't you mean Nega land?Edit

Ever since Sol Amy gave Eggman Nega the real Sol Emerald's (which was 2 years ago) her life just got harder and harder by each day. Sol Amy wasn't allowed to go anywhere, do anything and was beaten up very badly day by day (Sol Amy was even blamed for crimes she wasn't even a part of). Looking for help, she went to her uncle for help but her uncle was so ashamed of her and slapped her across the face when she came back home. "What where you thinking giving Nega the Sol Emeralds! what is wronge with you!" her uncle said after he slapped her. All Sol Amy could say was "I..... I really hate my life now I...... I do but uncle please I need help can... Can I work for you please I dont care how much money you give me please I need it for health and food please uncle....please...please". Her uncle accepted but she had to do EVERYTHING around the house dishes, vacuming, breakfast, lunch & dinner everything. After 4 month's of working for her family, Sol Amy didn't want to be treated like a slave and left and tried renting a hotel with all the money she had (AKA 24$) every hotel she went to all said no for the same reason's "You are responsible for all this hate ya know ya lucky Nega is a softy and kept shops, houses and everything important the only thing he's doing is getting giant robot's and killing innocent people that don't do hes bidding. Get outta my face". Knowing she'll never get a house she just stay's in a dark alleyway behind a dumpster, sometimes when it rains she goes in the dumbster so she wont get wet but sometimes she dosn't see any point in it.

Luck is Starting to Come Your Way NowEdit

When Sol Amy and Blaze where teleported to Sonic's dimension (Comic representing Sonic Rush). Sol Amy was surprised that no one was hurting her while she was walking down street's or spitting on her or harming her in anyway. They were merely being nice saying stuff like "Hey Amy" "Hey Amy you'd get a haircut looks nice!" "Afternoon Amy". Not knowing Amy from this Dimension made the same mistake she did, she burst into tears of happieness (which made her look crazy). When Sonic saw her being so happy about "hello's" he went to go ask her what she's doing here and thought she was at home. Although Amy didn't know what he was talking about. Then all of a sudden Amy (from the current Dimension) called him via mobile phone and asked him how long it takes to buy milk (In which he was surprised Amy's in front of him and talking to her at the same time without moving her lips). Sonic not knowing what's going on took Sol Amy back home (which she was really happy to hear). As soon as Sonic and Sol Amy returned home she was really greatfull that he took her to his house and was happy that she finally has a roof to live under and explained her story to Sonic and his friend's. But little did she know Blaze showed up at there house to shortly when Sonic met Sol Amy and she returned from the attic and blaze threatened to kill her if she didn't leave and threw a ball of fire at her. Everyone being confused Will asked "Okay what the H is going on here, there's to Amy's and a cat with fire in her hands. HOW THE H CAN A CAT DO DAT!". Sol Amy hiding behind Sonic asking him to protect her from Blaze then Blaze said "Sonic move she is the girl I was talking about the one for all the destruction and hatred back in my Dimension the stupid girl who didn't look!" Sol Amy thinking Sonic and the other's wont be her friends anymore she imediantly left running outside crying wishing to of have never made the mistake she did in the past. Sitting in a quite park Sonic found her sitting and crying and kicking the chair. Sonic told her that he told Blaze that if they don't cool off each other they will never get back home. Then Sol Amy replied that she dosen't want to go home because of all the hate towards her and she dosen't want to go back. Sonic feeling sorry for her but told her "Tails said that well ya know....If....If there's someone from another universe both of them would collaps....Like Will in bumbercar's". Sol Amy immediantly hearing Sonic say Will's name and remember's his death and asked Sonic if he could see him then Sonic agreed. Sol Amy returned back home seeing Will and gave a him a hug then Will said "Woah I know im sexy but personal space please?" Sol Amy telling Will that he looks different in her dimension (Probally explains why she recognise him before) and told him that he died in her dimension. Then later Sol Amy and Blaze looked for the Sol Emeralds teleported back home.


Sol Amy can be really offended by anykind of remark and can be made to cry easily. She also never trust anyone she meet's due to her having a very hard life. She find's it hard to talk to people she meet's cause she's worried something bad will happening. Also at times Sol Amy curces due to stress (although Willaca either censors it, or try's to put as least amount of curses as he can). She also doesn't like doing activities, anykind of activity to be exact. Because she's worried something bad will happen or that she'll get injured badly or at times die.

Theme SongsEdit

Sol Amy's theme

Sol Amy's theme

Sol Amy's Chase Theme

Sol Amy's Chase Theme

Assassin's Victory Theme

Assassin's Victory Theme

Sol Amy's Sad Theme

Sol Amy's Sad Theme

Sol Amy's Sad Theme

Sol Amy's Battle Theme

Sol Amy's Battle Theme

Sol Amy's Battle Theme

Theme SongEdit

Sol Amy's theme song is "Want You Gone" Portal 2 OST.

Chase ThemeEdit

Sol Amy's chase theme is the bad-future remix of Metallic Madness. From the Game Sonic CD

Victory ThemeEdit

Sol Amy's Victory Theme is Ezio's Family by Jesper Kyd.

Sad ThemeEdit

Sol Amy's Sad Theme is Teardrop by Massive Attack.

Battle ThemeEdit

Sol Amy's Battle Theme is Epic Score: Time Will Remember Us.


  • Sol Amy was actually meant to be the actual Amy Rose of Willaca's fan series.
  • It is revealed that Sol Amy stole her Piko Piko Hammer from someone else, while Amy Rose from Sonic's Dimension got it from Will for a birthday present.
  • Sol Amy and Altar are the only people in Willaca's series to have their Chase Themes to have lyrics (not counting the Assassins).
  • Her Piko Piko Hammer seems to look quite old; it has cracks and its paint looks like it is coming off.
  • Will, Altar and Sol Amy both don't have Sonic Character Designer artwork, because the game doesn't have the right accesories for them.
  • Sol Amy Rose is the only one in Willaca's series with a sad theme.