Princess Sally Alicia Acorn
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23 (Sonic's Comic)

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Sonic SatAM


Ricky (Japanese), Sal, Sally-Girl, Sal-Gal, Aunt Sally (used by only Tails), Bean (by her father)






Sonic, Tails, Bunnie, Antoine, Rotor, flowers, poetry, Flopii, Amy, Cream, NICOLE, Anna, Splash,


Maximillian Acorn (father) Alicia Acorn (mother) Elias Acorn (brother) Meg (sister-in-Law) Alexis (step-niece)

Princess Alicia Acorn (alter ego) Sonia Acorn Manik Acorn (Her and Sonic's kids)

Sally Acorn, in some cases given the full title Princess Sally Alicia Acorn, and also known as Sal, is a fictional character and a protagonist from the comics and the television series.

The character of Sally Acorn went through several appearance changes in the early comics, however the final draft form of Sally is a female, anthropomorphic squirrel. Her actual in-comic proportions change readily with the artist, in SatAM she has small hands and feet. Sally has brown fur, which is tan on her face, chest and stomach, a long tuft of dark red bushy hair and blue eyes. She is usually seen sporting a denim blue open vest and knee-high blue boots. Sally's concept was originally yellow furred with blond hair wearing a red dress, then in SatAM's pilot and early Archie she had pink fur, brown hair and blue white-trimmed boots.

The creator of Sally's final design (used in later SatAM and the Archie based Sonic comic series) was Ken Kinoshita (the season 1 art director for SatAM). At that time, she had no vest. The designer of her initial 'Ricky' design from the games is supposedly Naoto Ōshima (aka 'Bigisland'), character designer for Sonic the Hedgehog.

Born into the Royal Acorn monarchy and a middle name handed down from her mother, Sally is the heir to the throne as the future ruler of Mobius. Her attitude stems from childhood due to a strict upbringing of learning etiquette, royal studies, and the family credo. Two of which are the origins of the Chaos Emeralds and the hidden refuge known as Knothole Village. Becoming overwhelmed with these responsibilities left her isolated and sheltered from the outside. She befriends Sonic the Hedgehog arranged from a play date by Sonic 's Uncle Chuck . Their friendship is a conflicting one, since Sonic antagonizes Sally due to her "slowness" while she tries to improve his mannerisms. (In SatAM, despite their constant bickering they do best as a team) While escaping to Knothole, her mother is killed in the attempt while her father is imprisoned by Dr. Robotnik . She also is the surrogate aunt of Miles "Tails" Prower where she becomes overprotective of his safety. Most of time she prides herself on her intellect and leadership skills. Whenever she feels stressed out, she consults Bunnie to balance her frustrations. Her tech skills enabled her to design a small device called NICOLE ; a portable hand-held computer that dispenses versatile information such as geographical navigation and their origins.

When Dr. Robotnik ceases control over the chaos emeralds and captures Bunnie, she becomes more determined to achieve the goal of liberating the planet and claiming her place on the throne. Her loving devotion to her people and friends.

Meeting Her Old sister

185px-Rose and Tails Archie
In Sonic's Comic issue 6 Sally meets her sister Rose Wolf. Sally finds out that Rose got bitten by werewolf and she used to be called Rose Acorn. Sonic knows werewolf but he wont tell anyone that he was the werewolf and he accidently bit her. Which will be found out in issue 7.


Weoponized mecha sally by dantemustdie00-d4qtdxf
Later in the Archie Comics stories, Sally gets roboticized from a dangerous blow, turns into the villainous Mecha Sally, and later gets weaponized by Eggman. Topaz and NICOLE stop Sally, and take her apart, but now that they've destroyed Mecha Sally, Sally herself is gone too. Or so they thought...


In this story, you see Sally as her usual Acorn self, BECAUSE of this, told by Sonicpower.

"Sally was her usual self in this series, and I didn't make it too obvious of making fans say 'Sally's back!' and it didn't get that. The reason Sally was bought back, well, if you call it that, was because NICOLE created a hologram, close to her old friend."

So, in this storyline, Sally is a hologram made by NICOLE, so Sally's future is a key event later in the series.

Sonic Nega and The Acorns

One fine day in Knothole, Sally sees Sonic Nega, hearing Sonic talk about how deadly SN is, Sally is frozen in fear. Nega sees Sally, looks at her, shrugs, and walks away. Soon, she hears bones cracking from Tails' house, and rushes over. She sees Sonic Nega trying to drown Sonic in the toilet (because there's not a lot of water in Knothole), while Tails is tied to the fan on the ceiling, WHILE it was on! Sally turns off the fan and frees Tails, and then kicks Nega in the back of the knee, saving Sonic in the process. Nega sees Sally and smiles. He then summons Knights of the Underworld to grab her, and use her as a weapon to attack Sonic and Tails with. Shadow appears, and tries to shoot Sonic Nega, but hits Sally because Sonic Nega used her as a human shield. Sonic rushes to Sally, and brings her to the hospital. A few days later, she's better and walking again. Sonic then swears his revenge on his evil counter part.
Underking Sonic Nega

Sonic's way of describing Sonic Nega after "the incident".

Sonic's Comic

See SonAlly for more info

Sally loves Sonic in Sonic's Comic soon they get married and Sonic turns into Sonic Acorn and they are soon going to have children.Sally is selfless,brave and careing in the comics. She soon gets unrobotazised and goes back to the Freedom Fighters.