Rouge the Bat
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18, (19 in Sonic X Comics)


Bill Cipher the Hedgehog

Rouge the Bat is an ambitious treasure hunter. She has a knack for jewels.

SplashTheHedeghog's FanonEdit

Splash the HedeghogEdit

Splash and Rouge have a rather "friendly hatred" and/or frenemy rivarly. They often fight a lot. Rouge treats him like a wimp and as a female with such as "Wimpy Princess of the Sea." Splash seems very annoyed by things like this. They don't hate each other, they just have a tough friendship and rivarly. However they can get along and treat each other with respect. Rouge will sometimes flirt with Splash just like how she does with Knuckles and Shadow just to make fun for those she does care about. Splash will often stick out his tongue in disgust.

Bill Cipher the Hedgehog's FanonEdit

Bill Cipher the HedgehogEdit

Just like Amy with Sonic, Rouge is madly in love with Bill, But Bill dosen't love her, in Bill Comics #9, Bill finally told her that he has a crush on Marine since a while, he said ''You're rejected!'', Rouge cried in tears that it made her almost commit suicide but Bill stopped her from doing so he said ''You also have a place in my heart'' Rouge calmed down and hugged Bill with happy tears.