Quotation1 My name is Rose Wolf. I am a Freedom Fighter. Nuff said! Quotation2
Rose Wolf
Rose Wolf
[[Rose Wolf|250px]]


Fighting, Xbox 360, Sonic the Hedgehog, Sally Acorn and Tails

Favorite Food

Chili Dogs

Love Interest(s)

Rose isn't interested in dating however in a few issues of Sonic's Comic she dated Tails.




Sly the Fox, Fira the Cat, Joy the Cat, Sally Acorn and Kube the Hedgehog



First Apperance

Sonic's Comic issue 6


Keona the Hedgehog (cousin) and Tails (future husband)


Lightning Shot, Super Speed, Super Strength and Chaos Control

 Rose was going to become a doctor, however she became a Freedom Fighter


Kind though when she is fighting she can be quite serious. 


Rose is one of the fastest Sonic fan characters ever. Her speed is 00.01 seconds, but Sonic's speed is 00.00 sec so she is nearly faster as Sonic. Rose is also one of the top Freedom Fightersafter she got bitten by a werewolf, allowing her to transform into a creature similar to Sonic the Werehog.



  • Sally Acorn (BFFS)
  • Tails (May still be boyfriend and girlfriend but broken up)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Fira the Cat (Great Friends)
  • Blaze the Cat




124px-3D Rose Wolf

Rose on Furry Dolls Maker

Rose Wolf has had several looks first she looked just like Sally Acorn. However Fira Andzani posted a new look for Rose. Rose had longer hair

and a tail. Rosey Wolf then went on Furry Doll Maker and gave Rose a red and white striped jumper. Rose then got turned into a robot and was called Mecha Rose, however on Scratch, a user called pinkglamgrrl was making animated series called The Syndrome and Rose had a broken brown T-Shirt and Black Shorts. Rose is now staying with her Brown shirt and back shorts. 



Short Love
Rose and Derek has not been heard of, but the two of them used to be together, in the RPG coming soon on Scratch they brake up and Rose hooks up with somebody else. The two of them were quite cute together though! But, Rose and Derek arn't intrested in eachother anymore! 


185px-Rose and Tails Archie
Rose and Tails met in Sonic's Comic issue 6, the two dated and became boyfriend and girlfriend. However, later on they brake up. The two may stay together as thee future was that they would marry eachother and have children, which is very likley.


  • Rose was originally going to be 20 years old. However she was changed to being 14 years old
  • Rose Wolfs first appearance was in Sonic's Comic issue 6, however, Rose's 2nd appearance was in Sonic Mobius which was created on December the 28th. Her 3rd appearance was in Sonic Mobius issue 2 and she appeared on the front cover in issue 3. The creator of Rose had entered Rose Wolf for The Syndrome on Scratch, which may be Roses 4th appearance.
  • There are a few of Scratch projects with Rose in like When I'm on Scratch! and Young Joy meets Young Rose
185px-Rose and Tails
  • This is Rose Wolfs first ever picture:
  • Rose Wolf is in Rosey Wolfs (aka: the creator) YouTube videos. Heres the channel link: Rosey Wolfs Channel
  • Rosey Wolf might be going to Comicon. She is planning to wear a Rose Wolf costume!

Theme Songs 

Sonic Rush Music Ska Cha Cha (blaze)

Sonic Rush Music Ska Cha Cha (blaze)

Theme song in Sonic Mobius and Sonic's Comic

Sonic Adventure 2 "Metal Harbor" Music request

Sonic Adventure 2 "Metal Harbor" Music request

Rose Wolfs original theme song