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Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash
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Weather control

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Ashleigh Ball

Rainbow Dash is from the My Little Pony series. Go ahead and edit this page to your hearts content.

Rainbow Dash is a Pegasus pony and a main character in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She is responsible for maintaining the weather and clearing the skies in Ponyville. She is also a huge admirer of The Wonderbolts and dreams of joining their flying group. She represents the element of loyalty. She is the last of the Mane 6 to have a pet; a tortoise named Tank, who was introduced in the episode May the Best Pet Win!


Quotation1 "Rainbow Dash, who could not abandon her friends for her own heart's desire, represents the spirit of LOYALTY." Quotation2
Twilight Sparkle

Rainbow Dash is loyal to her friends, confident in her own abilities and likes to prove what she's best at. She is always loyal, sticking to what she represents. She sometimes likes to say she better than everybody else, and poo-poo's everyone who scolds her afterwards.

Similarities to Sonic

  • Rainbow Dash is fast like Sonic
  • She's blue like Sonic
  • She has the same type of daredevil personality like Sonic
  • They have a similar sarcastic attitude, but are great friends to others.


Sonicpower Comics

She appears in Issue 5 of the Sonicpower Comics, lost in New Mobotropolis.