Princess Lydia the Hedgehog

Princess Lydia is princess of the Kingdom of Oceania and the Daughter of King Rocco and Queen Marie hedgehog. She is sweet, loyal. and always ready to help a friend in need. Her best friend is her pet cat, Juliette. She is in love with Prince Darko of the mountainian region.


Princess Lydia can teleport,read minds,has ice powers and can cast spells but to do so she has to possess a special Item called the seastone


Princess Lydia was born in 2355 in the Oceanian Royal infermary. She is now 16 years old. Her parents have tried to set her up with suitors but she refused them all. She is picky with her men. She is in love with Prince Darko of the mountainia Region when Robotnic invaded Oceania Lydia and her family and Juliette fled to Mountainia to spend the winter there and wait till it was safe to return. At Mountainias annual Holiday ball Prince Darko asked her to dance with him and she calls it the best night of her life. Lydia and Darko are still seeing each other and they are very happy.


Lydia is in love with Prince darko. She likes how mysterious and sensitive she is. Once in her palace garden in Oceania Lydia and Darko sat on the garden swing and he read her a poem that he wrote just for her. Lydia and Darko defend each other with there lives when theres trouble and Lydia believes Darko is her Soulmate.

Prince and princess

Prince Darko and Princess Layla at the mountainia winter Ball