Prince Darko the hedge

Prince Darko

Prince Darko the Hedge is prince of the Mountainia Region and son of King Stonebrick and Queen Lisandra. Hes emo and and very sweet he also has a shy side and hes funny


Prince Darko was born in 3235 he is Sixteen years old the same age as his soulmate Princess Lydia the hedgehog. When Robotnic invaded Oceania their royal family fled to Mountainian and thats when Darko met Layla and he fell for her instantly and she started crushing on him too. At Mountainas Annual Holiday ball he over came his shyness and asked Laydia to dance and it was the best night of his life. He visits Lydia in Oceania where he reads her poems that he wrote just for her and always has her back when trouble strikes.


Prince Darko can throw fire balls and use chaos control. He can also make force felds and cast spells if he has a Mountain Stone. He used his forcefield to save Princess Lydia when Robotnic fired a laser at her.


Darko is very much in love with Princess Lydia and is reluctant to leave her side. He always writes her poems and always conforts her. "Lydia when i leave im in tears cause i miss you so im always exited to leave mountainia to come to Oceania to see your face I love you Lydia"-except from one of Darkos Poems.