Payback the Raccoon

Biographical Information
Age 12
Relatives Marine the Raccoon (cousin)
Solid the Raccoon (father)
Sara the Raccoon (mother)
Hide the Raccoon (brother)
Shakira the Raccoon (sister)
Nova the Raccoon (baby sister)
Alias Payback
Ms. Immortal
Romantic Interests Seiji the Raccoon
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Raccoon
Gender Female
Description Fur: Hot Pink
Eyes: Lavender
Skin: Pink/White
Attire Blue shirt
Purple shorts
Hot pink shoes
Purple gloves
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations ???
Weaponry Nothing
Abilities Basic combat
Super speed
Controlling water
Mechanic skills
Super Forms None

Payback the Raccoon (回収アライグマ) is a character by Aly Parris. She has sinus problems. Payback is the cousin of Marine the Raccoon. She is the sister of Hide the Raccoon, Shakira the Raccoon, and Nova the Raccoon.

Personal informationEdit

  • Name: Payback
  • Species: Mobian/Raccoon
  • Age: 12
  • Birthdate: same as Marine's
  • Sign: ???
  • Residence: Mobius
  • Gender: Female
  • Status: Alive
  • Height: 2'6"
  • Weight: 59 lbs.
  • Birthplace: ???
  • Parents: Solid the Raccoon (dad), Sara the Raccoon (mom)
  • Voice type: ???
  • Alignment: Hero
  • Love interest: Seiji the Raccoon


Early LifeEdit

Payback was born on 186, 3225. Her name meant what happened to her great-grandfather when he died and the rest of the family wanted payback. When she was 6, she got sinus infections and couldn't breathe. To this day, she still has sinus, but can halfly breathe.

Turning immortal and stuck at age 12Edit

When Payback was 12, she wandered in the woods. While walking, she encountered Amelia. Amelia made a deal with Payback if that she joined them, Amelia and Evil wouldn't kill her whole family. However, Payback refused. So, Amelia "killed" her. After that, Amelia thought she was dead, but Payback was not dead. Instead, Amelia made her immortal and ageless forever and also stuck at the age of 12.


Payback is a pink raccoon. She is older. Her fur is hot pink, and her muzzle is white and her ears, hair tips, and those "stripes" on her tail is a dark pink. Payback's eyes are lavender. Her shoes are hot pink and sky blue, and her gloves are also lavender. She has 1 eyelash on each eye. She wears a sky blue tank-top and a weird purple color pants.


Roleplay: The Ship of ForeverEdit

This is Payback's first "official" appearance. She somehow wandered off. She then approached a ship. Payback gets on the ship and surprises everyone.


Payback is a determined fighter, eager to oppose evil. Somewhat prideful, she tends to hold grudges. She has a history of her childhood. She is also extremely clever, and has an acute memory. However, she is clearly reluctant to talk about her past. She can be very short-tempered.


Payback has never died. Infact, since she is immortal, she will never die. However, there were times she almost died. The first one was almost being killed by Amelia, which Amelia thought she was dead, and was not, so she made her immortal. The second one was when punched so hard. The third one was gangrene. And the final one was falling from high cliff, but amazingly, survived.


Payback has somewhat impressive mechanical skills as she has successfully made small water vehicles on her own, but only after many tries. Payback is shown to have some sort of special power. She was seen shooting a light green ball of energy from her fist. Also, Payback possesses super speed and goes as fast as Blaze. She seems to also read minds [telepathy].


"Time for PAYBACK!"

"This is your last chance!"

"Can your hear me?"



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  • Her original name was Miranda.
    • However, she looked different.

Theme songEdit

My Last Breath by EvanescenceEdit