Quotation1 Fast and Fierce Wins the race! Quotation2
Nikki the Hedgehog
Nikki Commission
Biographical Information
Age 17
Relatives Ferdinand Kaji (father)
Serena Kaji (mother)/Kiki(sister)
Romantic Interests Sonic Solaria
DOB April 8th
Physical Description
Species Solarian/hedgehog
Gender Female
Sign Aries
Description Fur: grey
Hair: Grey and red
Eyes: Yellow/gold
Skin: Grey
Height 3'1" (94 cm)
Weight 75 lbs (33 kg)
Attire White short shirt
Red headband
White gloves w/ red ring
Red and black skirt w/ musical note belt
Red and white boots w/ white socks
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations Team Percival (leader)
Freedom Fighters
Team Princess (formerly)
Abilities Fire wind (requires Blaze)
Spin Jump
Step Dash
Minor acrobatic skills and reflexes
Super speed
Fire strike
Jump Attack
Fire spin
Speed up
Fire rain
Sonic boom
Dash/Homing Attack<>World-class Extreme Gear rider
Computer hacking
Time BreakSol Control
Super Forms Super Nikki
Other Information
Created by User:NikkiKaji123
Theme Song(s) Smile by Avril Lavinge
Rooftop Run
New Venture

Bio Edit

Nikki the hedgehog(ニッキハリネズミ Nikki za hejjihoggu) is a 15 year old, anthropomorphic teen from the planet of Solaria. She transported to Mobius with the sol emeralds and now lives there. Nikki originally was a Mary-Sue, because she looked like Amy Rose with grey fur and red eyes, so her creator changed her up. She now has curly hair and four small quills that are hidden by her hair. Nikki has a mother, a father, and is the only child. Nikki's original age was 17, but was lowered down so she could be closer to Sonic's age, which is 15.


Crashing the ShowEdit

After a few years on Mobius, Nikki began to know more about Mina Mongoose, the lead singer in the band Forgot Me Knots. Nikki pleaded that Mina would let her perform with her for once, but Mina refused. Nikki waited, then asked again. Mina said that Nikki didn't have the skill to be a rock singer as good as Mina. Nikki became extremely angry. That night, Mina was having a concert with Forgot Me Knots in Robotropolis. While performing, all the lights shut off. Then the spotlight hits Nikki, who had sneaked on stage. She finished off the song, and the crowd cheered. Nikki was caught by security and sent to jail, but was stopped by Sonic. She thanked him for standing up for her, and the two end the comic in a race.

Fighting For LoveEdit

At one point in time, Sonic and Sally were dating. This made Nikki kind of sad because she liked Sonic at that time. Bunny Rabbot was having a sleepover, and everyone was invited. As they wee playing spin the bottle, Sally excused herself and told them to continue playing. It was Sonic's turn, and the bottle landed on Nikki. The two kissed, and Sally returned. She slapped Nikki, telling her to stay away from Sonic. Nikki grew so angry, she grabbed Sally's wrist tight and hard, and lit her hand with fire. Sonic told her to stop, and Nikki obeyed. Sally then permanently had a scar on her wrist from the burn, and would never forget it. Then, Sonic realizes he has feelings for Nikki, but does not say so. The next day, Sonic tries to make Sally feel better by taking her out to dinner. At the restaurant, Nikki disguised herself and told the manager that she would perform a song. Then, she walks up on stage, with a huge coat on top of her. She says she will sing them a song, and the entire restaurant laughs at her. She then takes off the jacket, revealing a purple knee ruffle dress. She begins to sing the song Girlfriend by Avril Lavinge, and mostly looks at Sonic and Sally. Near the middle of the song, Nikki walks off stage, still singing, and dumps spaghetti all over Sally. Before Nikki could finish the song, she bursts into laughter and Sally runs out. The comic ends in Sonic getting upset at Nikki for doing that, who later apologizes.

Personality Edit

Nikki seems to have the same cocky attitude as Sonic. She's silly, and only serious when it's an emergency. She got this cocky attitude from being pampered to much as a child, over using the great ability of being the princess of Solaria. Nikki is also kind-hearted, always helping people when she can. But when it comes to someone doing something she doesn't like, she becomes mean and aggressive. As a child, she was a girly-girl, but as she got older, she became a tomboy.


Base Stats
Stats Level
Stamina 8
Attack 10
Spcl. Atk 10
Defense 9
Spcl. Def 9
Speed 9
Reflexes 18
Spcl. Ref 10
Psyche 10
Intellect 8
Total 94/100
Other Stats
Eyesight Above-Average
Hearing Above-Average

Super Forms Edit

Nikki has several different forms, they include:

  • Super Nikki
  • Dark Nikki
  • Darkspine Nikki
  • Gaia Nikki (gained and lost in Sonic Unleashed)
  • Fire Phoenix

Relationships Edit


Mikki the Hedgehog (complete opposite like Sonic and Scourge)



  • Wave the Swallow (Friendly Rival)
  • Peach (Friendly Rival)
  • Rouge the Bat


  • Dark Gaia
  • Princess Elise
  • The Dark Queen
  • King Arthur

Future RelationshipsEdit

Good Future Edit

  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Husband)
  • Shadow the Hedgehog (Brother)
  • Sonia the Hedgehog (Sister)
  • Cream the Rabbit (Good friends)
  • Blaze the Cat (Non-related sister)
  • Tails the fox (Non-related brother)
  • Scourge the Hedgehog (Arch-Enemy)
  • Wave the swallow (Best friends)
  • Amy Rose (Good friends)
  • Elise (Enemies)
  • Flash the Hedgecat (Son)
  • Sonica the Hedgehog (Daughter)

Bad Future Edit

  • Scourge the hedgehog (Husband)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Enemies)
  • Blaze the Cat (Arch-Enemy)
  • Cream the Rabbit (Hated little girl)
  • Shadow the Hedgehog (Friend killed by Scourge)
  • Rascal the Hedgehog (Evil Son)

Abilities Edit

Nikki's main two abilities are pyrokinetics and superspeed. These two powers were passed down from her parents. She once had the power of psychokinesis, but it was taken away by Memphiles the Dark. Her pyrokinetics allow her to melt and burn things, and her superspeed allows her to do things very quickly. When running without stopping for a long time, Nikki can break the 4th wall. Nikki can also do sol control, which transports her to places quickly(when she has a sol emerald).

Weaknesses Edit

Nikki has a fear of darkness. She usually hates the darkness because she can't see where she's going and might hurt herself or someone else.

Quotes Edit

"Ya gotta be faster!(Getting first in the Olympic Games)

"I'll get you next time!" (When getting second or third in the Olympic Games)

"Impossible!" (When getting forth in the Olympic games)

"You're the fastest thing alive? As if."

"I'm not useless."

"Next time, i'll go easy on ya." (Defeating someone on Sonic the Fighters)

"Come on Egghead, is that all your robot can do?"

"How did you expect to win against me?"


"Powerless sol emeralds are as useless as the ay in okay."

"Elise, you kiss Sonic and i'll send you on the quickest flight to HELL ! "

"Sonic isn't the Iblis Trigger!"

"Oops, sooooorry."

"Sonic, you're so funny. That's what I like about you."

"Boy, being lazy is hard."

Trivia Edit

  • Nikki's real name is Nikkell
  • Originally, Nikki wore a red dress with a gold buckle and red high heels, but was later changed. That outfit design soon became Nikki's adult look.
  • Nikki can use the power of the sol emeralds, but not the chaos emeralds.
  • Nikki is faster than Sonic in her normal form, but is slower than Super Sonic in her super form.
  • Nikki can do sol control, but she can't do sol blast or sol spear.
  • Nikki's middle name is Percival, which was based on Blaze's name in Sonic and the Black Knight.

Art Edit

Theme Songs Edit

Nikki's Main Theme

Nikki's Main Theme

Sonic Colors "Asteroid Coaster Act 1" Music

Sonic Colors "Asteroid Coaster Act 1" Music

Nikki's Sonic Colors Theme

Rooftop Run

Rooftop Run

Nikki's other theme