Quotation1 EEESSHH!!.....that dress is soooo YEARS ago!! Quotation2
Nabila the Cat
Recolor of amy to nabila


Sis, Pinky (The name she hate), Nab, Lala


Angora Cat



Fur color

Deep pink

Eye color

Sky blue


In a new redesign


Good (sometimes neutral)


Having a new friend, Mystic book (encyclopedia of world), Mystic Emeralds and Legendary Emerald, Playing her laptop, Sly and other friends, Sonic's friends, Being together with some of her friends, being alone(sometimes), her family, freedom, teasing some idiot


Tail swipe, Flying, using Wind powers, Punch kick, Tail spin, homming attack, Transform into Super Nabila, Wind Soul and Dark/Devil Wind soul

Ability types

Speed and Flight

Lala the Cat (ナビラ猫) is a 11 years old Wind controller. She is the Fursona of her younger sister. She lives in the future along with her sisters, family, and friends. She is (C).

Early life

  • Will be made*


Nabila is quite stubborn and selfish.Sometimes she's rather cruel and angry easily.But sometimes she's pretty nice if she's with close friends and family.She's pretty close to her friends more than her sisters.Sometimes she's careless toward some people she hates and she never give up if failed some mission(s)


Despite being a wind controler.She knows all of the tecniques of wind control.Some of her moves are same just like her sister .She can use claw winds,tornado spin,and other unique tecniques.Unlike her sisters who has superforms she can turn to different forms: Ex: 1.Home mode:In this form she's just too lazy to do something Powerfull move:none 2.Normal mode:Well.....normal Powerfull move:Triple ninja attack 3.Exciting mode: In this mode she become "almost" evil (only to enemies) she hurt people in a very hurtfull mode in this one,also in this form she has a ponytail on the side Powerfull move: Butt kickin' tornado 4.Crazy mode:This is the most dangerous of all her form,she has a ponytail on the backside this time and her body is surrounded by powerfull winds,In this kind of form she has a huge smile and small pupils (which scares the enemies) She also shows her sharp claws and fangs.One of her powerfull move in this form is "Air Wedgie"


Quotation1 Do I know you? Quotation2
When she meeting someone new
Quotation1 I HEARD that! Quotation2
When someone is saying something that make her angry
Quotation1 Lol you should watch your back nextime! Quotation2
When she's tricking her friend or rival
Quotation1 Ughhh shut up!! Quotation2
When she's annoyed
Quotation1 Hahah!!Yes! Quotation2
When she's winning a race


Friends or Ally(Add your character if ya want)

  • Hendra the Cat (Father)
  • Leonita the Cat (Mother)
  • Fira the Cat (Old sister)
  • Khesa the Cat (Lil' sister)
  • Sly the Fox (Good friend sometimes rival)
  • Rose Wolf (Used to be rivals now friends)


  • Dr Eggman
  • Dr Eggman Nega
  • Android code:3-F & Android code:4-K(Her sisters counterpants)
  • Android code:1-L (Robot counterpant)