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Biographical Information
  • 17, 27 (In 10 Years Later Arc)
Romantic Interests
Kids Tailsko
  • Lynx
  • Computer/Hologram

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NICOLE (ニコール, Nikōru) is the trusty friend of Sally Acorn. She has two forms: a lynx and a computer. She can be very shy at times.

New Mobotropolis RisesEdit

After the events of Ixis Naugus taking over New Mobotropolis, she was comforted by one of her best friends, Topaz. Topaz assured her they would tell the city that NICOLE had no right to be taken offline. NICOLE was glad of the thought, though it might've not done anything. Later, when Stephanie killed Ixis Naugus, the city gladly accepted NICOLE back into their city. Then Topaz teased her by saying "Don't underestimate our power!"