Mina Mongoose

Mina cute

Biographical Information
    • 15 (25 In 10 Years Later Arc.)
Romantic Interests
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (currently in Sonicpower Comics)
  • Ash Mongoose (formerly in Sonicpower Comics, currently in Team X Comics)
  • Roxas the Fox (PB143's stories)


Mina Mongoose (ミナマングース Minamangūsu) is the romantic interest of Sonic the Hedgehog and world famous singer.

Adventuring with SonicEdit

In the Sonic Adventure comic, she meets up with Sonic and Topaz, tagging along with them in the game. Tiara and Honey were only mentioned by Mina as she said she missed them. She helped Sonic battle Gamma and Perfect Chaos.

Team SeductiveEdit

Mina is a member of Team Seductive, along with Topaz, Tiara, Honey and NICOLE.

Falling for another foxEdit

In PB143's stories Mina has fallen for Roxas the Fox. She didn't mean for it to happen, it just happened out of no where. They met during the Dragon Festival in Central City, after Mina had done her concert. She was being picked on by Scourge and Fiona, and Roxas got them away. The second they looked into each others eyes, the immediately kissed, and have been dating sense.