Mercy Planet

Mercy Planet as it looks now.

Mercy Planet (慈悲の惑星 Jihi no wakusei) is the home planet of Topaz the Hedgehog. She was born there, and now Topaz is the guardian of that planet. Topaz lives there with Knuckles the Echidna. It was formerly a dangerous planet, but now it's atmosphere and features make it a safer place.

Threetails Comes

Threetails the Fox accidentally teleports herself to Mercy Planet, while being tackled randomly by Fry the Hedgehog. Topaz teleports herself there too, to find Threetails and make sure it's safe. Topaz offers her a beef pie, but Threetails declines her offer.

Under Attack!

Dr. EggPlankton meets Topaz the Hedgehog for the first time by setting her planet under attack! Talveda is also there, along with Tetris. Threetails takes care of Talveda and Topaz takes care of Tetris.


Mercy Planet is a purple hued planet, looking a bit like Venus sometimes. It's core inside is a big fireball, but not visible like all the other planets.