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Mech meeting Sonic on the bus
Mech Prower
Mech Prower is Tails' elder brother.

Main Weapon

Gravity Gun

Clan Member







Will Rose, Altar the Raccoon, Crush Kyd, Sol Amy Rose


Dr. Eggman, EGG Industry's




Fly Type

Mech prower is a very smart person and elder brother of Tails, He is a yellow fox from empire city. Mech is 13 years of age and made a plane similar to the X Tornado.

Early LifeEdit

In Mechs early life, he was (and still is) as smart as his brother and made some cool scientific inventions with him. Also Mech and Tails have 2 tails (which they were both bullied for) because it's a family genetic. When Mech was 9 he joined the Technomancers which is a group of scientist who make weapons and fight for good.

Bad NewsEdit

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When he thought his best friend past away he went to go tell Will's sister, which got her devastated. When Mech returned home in empire city, he was so sad about Will's death. So he thought he should do something to forget about it, so he moved to apotos to study about its history and its peoples way of living.

Turns out it wasn't bad at allEdit

When Will returned back to Mobius, he went to apotos and told Mech the whole story and what happend and told him to meet him at his villa. When Will told Mech and Altar that hes sister is missing, Mech made a teleportation device to teleport to the location of where she is and went to earth to go look for her.

On Planet EarthEdit

When team brotherhood arrived on earth, Will was looking for her all over the place until mech pointed at the device showing that she's somewhere in Station Square. Making the both of them wonder where that place is (until Altar pointed at the sign behind him saying welcome to station square which made Will tell him to shut up).

Welcome to the Egg-richment centerEdit

A while after Mech and others landed on Earth. He got kindnapped my 2 robots belonging to Dr. Eggman and then got knocked out. After he woke up he found himself awake in Eggman's "Testing area" and forced Mech to to do the test (as Mech can't do anything else). Although, he later escaped Eggman's Testing area with Wheatley and Crush Kyd and in the process blew half of the Industrie area up.





Like other heroes, Mech has weakness, he is smart which he rubs in Will's face for which starts some fights. He is also big louded and likes to pull pranks.


Mech is as smart as his brother and they usally help each other with inventions and projects but besides this.Mech is open minded and loves to meet new people and really friendly but gets angry when people call him a dork (usally Will). Mech also uses some big words like positive,acceleration,costomary,irrelevent etc. He can also say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious with ease (which followed by will trying then stuffing it up). He can somtimes be dumb but mostly does not show it. Some could say hes has the personality of the 10th Doctor from the Doctor Who series


"FOR THE LAST TIME, IT'S JUST A ROBOT GLOVE NOT A LAZER CANON SHEESH" - Whenever Will thinks his robotic glove is a lazer canon.

"You are such an idiot" - Mech making fun of Will

"Anyone can make a time machine but everyone's to lazy to make it" - When Cream asked him if he can travel through time.

"Your hair LOOKS LIKE A BABOON'S BUTT!" - Mech making fun of Will's hairstyle.

"Stuff you"

"What you looking at?"

"You can go shove those energy drinks UP YOUR FACE!" - When Will said that he drank 5 energy drink's.


"Wut?" - When Will said he want's a hover car for his birthday.

Theme songsEdit

Mech's Theme Song

Mech's Theme Song

Mech's Chase Theme

Mech's Chase Theme

Mech's Chase Theme

Mech's Victory Theme

Mech's Victory Theme

Mech's Battle theme

Mech's Battle theme

Theme SongEdit

Mech's theme song is 4000 Degrees Kelvin Protral Soundtrack.

Chase ThemeEdit

Mech's chase theme is Your Not a Good Person Portal OST.

Victory ThemeEdit

Mech's Victory Theme is Ready For Testing (co-op trailer music) Portal 2 OST.

Battle ThemeEdit

Mech's Battle Theme is Don't Press That Button Portal 2 OST


  • Mech is one of the few stuff from the Sonic Y series to not be related to the Assassins Creed series instead his got some relativity to the Portal series.
  • Mech's shoes are the opposite color of tails' shoe's
  • Mech's theme song is one of the only person to have there thme song not to have lyric's.
  • Mech's shoes are the same color as Altar's.