Layla the FoxSkunk

Layla the FoxSkunk

Layla the FoxSkunk is a Sexy Witch who is part of the EggPlankton Empire


  • 27


  • Fur: Purple w/ White Vertical Stripe on her back
  • Hair: Black
  • Muzzle: White
  • Belly: Blue
  • Tail: Black w/ Purple Tip & White Vertical Stripe
  • Black Belly Top
  • Grey Fingerless Gloves
  • Red Shiny Pants w/ Black Shiny Flame Decals
  • Pure Black Belted Skirt w/ Shiny Diamonds
  • Dark Blue Boots

Mobius 25 / 30 Years Later

  • Black Shiny Skin Tight Leather Uniform w/ Black Cape
  • Grey Elbow-Length Gloves
  • Black Skin-Tight Leather Shiny Bra (Under her Uniform)
  • Dark Red Skin-Tight Leather Shiny Shorts (Under her Uniform)
  • Skin-Tight Dark Blue Boots
  • Fiona Fox (Younger Sister)
Voice Actor
  • Jessica Straus
  • Wendie Malick (Mobius: 25 / 30 Years Later)


She is cold-hearted, extremely clever, sassy, cheeky, flirty & has a ruthless, femme fatale-style personality. She likes being sexy & beautiful. Just like a Succubus she preys upon her victims through sex by using her Suductive Charms.

She loves using her suductive charms on the Males. In fact, her love of all of the boys she spot is extremly crazy for love, just like a Real Succubus. For example: Layla's Suductive Charms makes the boys fell in love with her, with Layla hugs them, sweetly suducting them & even kissing them.


  • Her Suductive Charms
  • Riding her Dark Flying Broom



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Known VictimsEdit

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Theme SongEdit

Unknown's Theme (Tekken Tag Tournament)