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Jack's main quote

Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)


Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100) (Made by VenomTheEchidna)

Birth Place

  • Seaside Hill



  • 15


  • Male

Voice Actors

Classic Jack
Mobius: 25/30 Years Later Zone
Dark Mobius Zone
  • J.G. Quintel
First Appearance in Comics

Likes & Dislikes




  • Jackbot Nega
  • Jackbot Series
  • Combot Nega
  • Combot Series


  • Sir Craig (in Sonic & the Black Knight)
  • Cowboy George (in The Good Ol' West)
  • Jacky (By Blaze the Hedgecat)
  • Jackikku (By Amy Rose)
  • Jackoon (By Vitani)
  • Jack Sparrow (By Darkstorm)
  • Orangehog (By Lisa & Cold)
  • MR. WHINER (By Fire)
  • Handsomehog (By Kym)
  • Orange (By Scourge)
  • Jackson (By Skate)
  • Hedgehog Boy (By Kat)
  • Jethrow (By Vitani)
  • Jack the dumbhog (By Fire)
  • Jacko (By Craig)
  • Orange Man (By Kid Diana)
  • Jack Skleton (By Jake the Echidna)
  • JTG (By Mai (only once)
  • Overpowered Guy (by Josh only once)

Forms & Fusions






  • Eye: Green
  • Fur: Orange
  • Muzzle, Chest and Arms: Tan
  • Longer & Spikier Quills: Orange


  • Eye: Lime Green
  • Fur: Light Orange
  • Tan Muzzle, Chest & Arms
  • Quills: Orange

Hyper Jack

  • Fur: Yellow

Pyrus Jack

  • Fur: Red
  • Quills: Red
  • Muzzle, Belly & Arms: Orange
  • Legs: Red
  • Aura: Red

Aqous Jack

  • Fur: Blue
  • Quills: Blue
  • Muzzle, Belly & Arms: Aqua
  • Legs: Blue
  • Aura: Blue

Haos Jack

  • Fur: White
  • Quills: White
  • Muzzle, Belly & Arms: Yellow
  • Legs: White
  • Aura: Yellow

Sub-Terra Jack

  • Fur: Brown
  • Quills: Brown
  • Muzzle, Belly & Arms: Yellow
  • Legs: Brown
  • Aura: Orange


  • Fur: Green
  • Quills: Green
  • Muzzle, Belly & Arms: Light Green
  • Legs: Green
  • Aura: Green


  • Fur: Black
  • Quills: Black
  • Muzzle, Belly & Arms: Purple
  • Legs: Black
  • Aura: Purple

Helix Dragonoid (Level 1 of Dragon Jack

  • Head: Orange
  • Horns: Yellow
  • Body: Orange
  • Dragon Wings: Orange Outside & Yellow Inside
  • Arms: Orange
  • Forearms: Green
  • Hands: Black
  • Claws: White
  • Legs: Orange
  • Dragon Tail: Orange

Lumino Dragonoid (Level 2 of Dragon Jack)

  • Head: Orange
  • Horns: Yellow
  • Body: Orange
  • Strong V-neck Body Armor: Red
  • 2 pairs of Dragon Wings: Orange Outside & Yellow Inside
  • Arms: Orange
  • Forearms: Green
  • Hands: Black
  • Claws: Shiny Silver
  • Legs: Orange
  • Double Bladed Dragon Tail: Orange with Silver Blades

Blitz Dragonoid (Level 3 of Dragon Jack

  • Head: Red
  • Horns: Orange
  • Body: Red
  • Strong Body Armor: Dark Red
  • Blitz Dragonoid Dragon Wings: Red Outside & Orange Inside
  • Arms: Red with Silver Armor
  • Forearms: Dark Green
  • Hands: Pure Black
  • Claws: Shiny Silver
  • Legs: Red with Silver Armor
  • Double Bladed Dragon Tail: Red with Thick Pitch Fork Orange Blades

Titanium Dragonoid (Level 4 of Dragon Jack)

  • Head: Red
  • Horns: Titanium
  • Body: Red
  • Strong Thick Body Armor: Titanium
  • Titanium Dragonoid Dragon Wings: Red Outside & Orange Inside with Titanium Armor
  • Arms: Red with Titanium Armor
  • Forearms: Dark Green with Titanium Armor
  • Hands: Black with Titanium Armor
  • Claws: Shiny Titanium
  • Legs: Red Titanium Armor
  • Triple Bladed Dragon Tail: Red with Titanium Blades

Ogre Jack

  • Height: 7.0 FT
  • Weight: 450 Pounds
  • Eyes: Full Red
  • Head: Orange
  • Horns: Brown
  • Sharp Teeth: White
  • Big Beard: Red
  • Body: Orange
  • Dragon Wings: Orange Outside & Red Inside with Black Horns
  • Left Arm: Orange
  • Right Snake Arm: Orange with White Fangs
  • Left Spiked Bracelet: Black
  • Claws: Red
  • Legs: Orange
  • Dragon Tail: Orange

Super Ogre Jack

  • Height: 7.5 FT
  • Weight: 600 Pounds
  • Eyes: Full Red
  • Head: Yellow
  • Horns: Yellow
  • Sharp Teeth: White
  • Big Beard: Yellow
  • Body: Green
  • Dragon Wings: Green Outside & Yellow Inside with Black Horns
  • Left Arm: Green
  • Right Snake Arm: Yellow with White Fangs
  • Left Spiked Bracelet: Black
  • Claws: Yellow
  • Legs: Green
  • Dragon Tail: Green

Ultimate Ogre Jack

  • Height: 10 FT
  • Weight: 900 Pounds
  • Eyes: Full Red
  • Head: Yellow
  • Horns: White
  • Sharp Teeth: Silver
  • Big Beard: Black
  • Body: Yellow
  • Dragon Wings: Yellow Outside & White Inside with Black Horns
  • Left Arm: Yellow
  • Right Snake Arm: Yellow with Silver Fangs
  • Left Spiked Bracelet: Black
  • Claws: White
  • Legs: Yellow
  • Dragon Tail: Yellow

Monstrous Ogre Jack

  • Height: 25 FT
  • Weight: 2000 Pounds
  • Eyes: Full Bloody Red
  • Head: Blue
  • 6 Bigger Horns (3 on each side): Black
  • Lions Mane: Black
  • Sharp Saber-Tooth Teeth: Platinum
  • Bigger Beard: Purple
  • Stronger Body: Blue with Black Tattoos
  • Bigger Dragon Wings: Blue Outside & Purple Inside with Black Horns
  • 2 Pair of Strong Arms (4 Strong Arms): Blue with Black Tattoos
  • 2 Strong Snake Arms: Green with Red Fangs
  • Spiked Shoulder Pads: Black
  • Spiked Bracelets: Black
  • Large Claws: Pure Black
  • Strong Legs: Blue with Black Tattoos
  • 3 Strong Dragon Tails: Blue with Purple Blades



  • Black T-Shirt w/ Red Skull
  • Black Fingerless Gloves
  • 2 Left Green Bracelets
  • Black Right Arm Brace with 10 Rainbow Emeralds
  • White Pants
  • Red Socks
  • Blue Sports Sneakers

As Armor Jack

  • Orange Jaugar Mask
  • Armor (like Armor King II's Armor only Shiny Orange)
  • Black Gloves
  • Green Bracelets
  • Black Pants
  • Red Socks
  • Blue Shoes


  • White Gloves
  • Yellow Bracelets
  • White Socks
  • Red Shoes w/ Yellow Stripe

As Cowboy George

  • Brown Cowboy Hat
  • Brown Vest
  • Brown Gloves
  • Brown Boots

As Sir Craig

  • Orange Knight Armor

As Wizard of Oz (Amy in Oz [Sonic X: Regenerated{SXR} ] ] )

  • Black Tuxedo
  • Green Neck Tie
  • Green Bracelets
  • Green Gloves
  • Black Shoes

As Jackie (His Gender Switch)

  • Blue Headband
  • Red Bra
  • Long Black Gloves
  • Green Bracelets
  • Purple Shiny Skin-Tight Pants
  • Red Socks
  • Blue Boots w/ White Stripe accents, Metal Soles & White Collors

Sonic Riders

  • Orange Air Goggles
  • Black Singlet
  • Black Gloves
  • Green Wristbands
  • White Sports Shorts
  • Red Socks
  • Blue Sport Sneakers

Hyper Jack

  • Gloves: Purple
  • Bracelets: Orange
  • Socks: Green
  • Shoes: Red

Pyrus Jack

  • Gloves: Red with a White Pyrus Symbol
  • Bracelets: Shiny Orange
  • Socks: Orange
  • Shoes: Shiny Red

Aquos Jack

  • Gloves: Blue with a White Aqous Symbol
  • Bracelets: Shiny Aqua
  • Socks: Shiny Aqua
  • Shoes: Shiny Blue

Haos Jack

  • Gloves: Yellow with a White Haos Symbol
  • Bracelets: Shiny Yellow
  • Socks: Yellow
  • Shoes: Shiny White

Sub-Terra Jack

  • Gloves: Brown with a White Subterra Symbol
  • Bracelets: Shiny Yellow
  • Socks: Yellow
  • Shoes: Shiny Brown

Ventus Jack

  • Gloves: Green with a White Ventus Symbol
  • Bracelets: Shiny Light Green
  • Socks: Light Green
  • Shoes: Shiny Green

Darkus Jack

  • Gloves: Black with a White Darkus Symbol
  • Bracelets: Shiny Purple
  • Socks: Purple
  • Shoes: Shiny Black

Jacktricia the HedgeSkunk

  • Grey Gloves
  • Green Bracelets
  • Pink Long Tight & Shiny Armbands
  • Pink Shirt
  • Pink Long Tight & Shiny Pants
  • Purple Tight & Shiny Flat Thigh-High Boots w/ Verticle White Stripe accents, Metal Soles & White Collors

Mobius: 25 / 30 Years Later

  • Black Singlet with One White Stripe
  • Green Elbow Pads
  • White Pants with One Black Stripe
  • Green Knee Pads
  • Black Long Fingerless Leather Gloves
  • Grey Arm Braces w/ 10 Rainbow Emeralds
  • Red Socks
  • Blue Sport Sneakers



  • Super Speed
  • Chaos Healer
  • Chaos Splash
  • Chaos Dragon
  • Chaos Bone Crusher
  • Chaos Zap
  • Chaos Spider
  • Fusion (Learned by Rapid)
  • Chaos Freeze
  • Chaos Ninjago


  • Piko Piko Hammer (Orange with Black Stripes)
  • Dragon Blade Sword (In Sonic & the Black Knight)


Theme Song

New Theme Song

  • Caught in a Dream (Bionicle 3:Web of Shadows)

Old Theme Song

  • WWE Raw Theme- To be Loved

Jack the Hedgehog is a Happy Hedgehog who goes on Adventures with Sonic, Amy Rose & his Sidekick, Patricia the Skunk.

He is the Fursona of Spongebob100.


Early Life

He was born in Seaside Hill & he always have with his friends when he was a Little Boy, by the time he was 10 Years Old, his Parents are Captured & been Roboticized by Dr. Robotnik Prime. Now only Jack & his Sibilings Sarah & Harry are all alone in an Orange House of Seaside Hill.

When Jack was 11, Dr. Robotnik Prime is dead, thanks to Sonic, Sally & the Freedom Fighters, he also noticed a Robotic Body of Robo-Robotnik (Dr. Eggman) that has been destroyed, but he & his Sibilings along with his friends George the Fox & Bob the Echidna, they noticed the Rise of Dr. Eggman.

When Jack was 12, he noticed a Girl Skunk name Patricia the Skunk is in trouble & been cornered by the 3 Crocodile Bandits, luckily Jack rushed in, stop the Crocodile Bandits & save Patricia, that's how Jack's & Patricia's Friendship has started.

When Jack is 14, he noticed Sonic the Hedgehog running through Seaside Hill in the Morning, he was wondering if he can be a Hero like his Cousin Sonic.

His Hero Adventure Started

And Finally when he was 15, Jack woke up & heard a Strange Noise revealing to be Dr. Eggman's Warship, Jack thought of an Idea to turn off the Warship, so he can get back to sleep. By the time he got here on Eggman's Warship with Sonic is in trouble by Dr. Eggman, he feels very tierd & yelled "Hey!" to Eggman, who have noticed Jack as another Hedgehog. Jack found the "Off" Button & presses it. Jack doesn't know that he turns off the Engines, making the Warship fall out of the Sky. Both Sonic & Jack, including Eggman have escaped Dr. Eggman's Warship from an Explosion. Sonic knew that Jack have saved him & thanks him for his daring resuce. Jack doesn't know what happen. But all he knows that his Hero Adventure has just begun.

After Jack resuced Sonic, he & Sonic goes to visit Tails & Sonic tells Tails the truth about what Jack did & Tails believed him, so Tails decides to go visit Knuckles to tell him the Truth that Jack did. So Jack, Sonic & Tails goes to Angel Island on the "Tornado-1".

When they got here, Knuckles captured Jack mistaken as a Tresspasser, but then Sonic tells Knuckles the same truth like what he told to Tails, Knuckles doesn't believe him at first, until he reliesed Jack did destroy Dr. Eggman's Warship. When Knuckles let Jack go, the Master Emerald is been stolen by Decoe & Becoe, they tried to go after them, but they are too late. Just then Tikal arrives & tells Jack that he's the only one who can stop the New Enemy. Jack agrees with her & goes out to find the Chaos Emeralds with Sonic, Tails & Knuckles.

On the way to find the First Emerald, Jack notices a Chilly Dog on a Plate that is on a Stump, he eats it, but then he got knocked out by Amy & then she knocked out Sonic & takes both Sonic & Jack back to her house. When Tails & Knuckles arrives, Amy mistakens Jack as Sonic & apologizes to him. Jack askes if Amy has found a Chaos Emerald & she did. Amy found a Purple Chaos Emerald. Jack askes Amy if he wants to join us & she is happy to join him, even with Sonic. Sonic relieses his Misfortune & Jack tries to calm him down as they move on to find the Next Emerald

When they are finding the 2nd Emerald, all 5 notices Shadow. Shadow challenges Jack to a battle & Jack accepted & won the battle, but he was getting sleepy after the fight, so Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy & Shadow takes Jack back home with the 2nd Emerald in Shadow's Hand

Jack woke up when he is in bed. When Sonic, Shadow, Tails, Knuckles & Amy are waiting for Jack to heal, he was been stolen by Rouge the Bat. Jack ended up in a Cage & he notices Rouge. Rouge wants is some anwsers from him, but Jack doesn't know what she's talking about, much to Rouge's Annoyence. The Other Heroes arrive & free Jack & they found a 3rd Chaos Emerald & Rouge joins up with Jack to help him

Later, Sonic got captured by the Chaotix mistaken as Jack. Jack & the others have to get them back, Vector says he's sorry & then founds the 4th Emerald, so Vector, Espio & Charmy joins Jack to find the other 3 Emeralds.

When they got to Cream's House, Amy & Cream are happy to meet each-other again & Jack reliease that Amy & Cream are best Friends. Cream has the 5th Emerald & decides to help Jack & Vanilla tells Cream to be careful as the Heroes move on to find the Remaining 2 Emeralds.

On their way, they we're being stopped by Metal Sonic, so Jack & Metal Sonic battled each other, but when Metal Sonic is ready to kill him, Jack was being saved by Silver the Hedgehog & Blaze the Cat. They both have the 6th Emerald. So our Heroes zooms off to find the Last Emerald, but they didn't know that a Black & Red Hedgecat name Blaze the Hedgecat is following Jack & his Friends holding 1 Half of the 7th Emerald.

As our Heroes moves on, they noticed Blaze THC & she attacks the heroes, but she's being stopped by Darkstorm the Halfbreed by putting Blaze THC to sleep by using a Tranquillizer. When Jack looked at Blaze THC, he has fallen in Love with her. As our Heroes leave with Blaze THC in Jack's Arms, Dr. Eggman is being Knocked out by Dr. EggPlankton.

Jack tries to wake Blaze THC up & he did & tells him that he is in love with her, making Blaze THC's Heart Pound by Love & quickly changes into her School Clothes. Then they soon meet Thrash who have fainted when he looks at Sonic & Amy, leaving both of them confused. Just then Scrouge arrives & tries to stop the Heroes, but failed because he's been crushed by Jack's Brand New Piko Piko Hammer, as a gift from Amy. As the Heroes keeps on moving. They've been watched by the new enemy that Tikal had talked about & he is Dr. EggPlankton & he is along with Scrouge, Fiona Fox & Rosy the Rascle.

As the heroes keeps on walking visiting Bada, Bing, Rutt & Tuke, Jack noticed his Cousins: Sonia & Manic The Heroes are been distracted by Xenorahk who is trying to escape. They've caught up to Xenorahk & Jack is recieved by a Message from Queen Aleena, the Cousins' Mother. As Jack defeated Scrouge, Fiona & Rosy. Dr. EggPlankton appears with his Giant Plankton Robot. Jack connects the 2 halves of the 7th Emerald & uses the power of the Chaos Emeralds to turn himself into Super Jack, as Super Jack destroys the Giant Plankton Robot, he then uses the Master Emeralds to turn himself into Hyper Jack & Finally Ultimate Jack. Dr. EggPlankton grows Gigantic by using the Largetron. He & Ultimate Jack battled out in the Final Battle. Darkstorm tells Ultimate Jack to use the power of the Apolcalyspe Emeralds to make him 100x more Powerful & he then Defeats Dr. EggPlankton & sends him flying to his Evil Lair called the "Chum Bucket" as Dr. EggPlankton shrinks back to his Normal Size (Dr. Eggman's Size). So that's how Jack's Adventure as a Hero started.

There's 3 Stories about Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)


Jack the Hedgehog is Very Lovable & trustworthy. He is a Huge Friend to his cousin: Sonic & her bestest best friends, Amy Rose & Patricia the Skunk.

Jack is also super crazy & super funny & very humorous to the Heroes, but very serious to the Villains, even EggPlankton.

Jack is also Energenic as well when it comes to having a work out with Sonic and/or in the Gym

Jack the Hedgehog had Impressed Blaze the Hedgecat & she is now in love with him as her New Boyfriend & Jack really likes Blaze the Hedgecat


Jack the Hedgehog looks like Sonic the Hedgehog only Orange with Black Gloves, Bracelets like Amy Rose has only Green, Red Socks & Blue Shoes.

In October 2011 he now wears the same clothing only with his Black T-Shirt & White Pants. It also comes with an Evolved Black Right Arm Brace with 10 Rainbow Emeralds.

Appearances in the Comic

The First Adventure in the Comic / New Leader of New Freedom Fighters Group

He first appeared in Spongebob100 Comics Issue 1 with Patricia the Skunk & the Crossovers in the Same Beginning as the Kung Fu Panda Movie. After Ix Naugas was declaired King of New Mobotropolis in Archie Sonic the Hedgehog (STH: 231), Jack wakes up noticing he's sleeping on the floor...again! As he tried to get down stairs, he fell down the stairs, only to been seen by his 2 Siblings, his 14 Year old brother Harry & his 12 Year Old Sister Sarah. All 3 Siblings starts working on their Resturant that has Tables, Chairs & an All-You-Can-Eat Salad Bar. As they're working, Jack noticed the news that the New Mobotropolis is under attack by Eggman's Robots & heads out to find Patricia the Skunk & the Crossovers (Who they have just moved in next door). Jack starts to warn them about Eggman's Attack & they started to charge at where Eggman is at, only to be stopped by Dr. EggPlankton floating inside the BucketPod (Similar to the Bucket Pod). Dr. EggPlankton introduced his Metal Series (Metal Jack & Metal Patricia to Jack, Patricia & the Crossovers. Just then Eggman's Metal Series appeared, including Mecha Sally (A.K.A. A Roboticized Princess Sally Acorn). Jack the Hedgehog, Patricia the Skunk & the Crossovers began their attack on Eggman's Metal Series & EggPlankton's Metal Series & won. (S100 #1)

Saving NICOLE from Mecha Sally

Back at the Newly Repaired Knothole, Jack, Patricia & the Crossovers are finished cleaning up Freedom HQ when NICOLE congratulates them on their First Victory. Jack relieased that NICOLE told them that Sally Acorn made a sacrifice by roboticizing herself to save the Entire Planet from being Roboticized which it was a terrible cost to the Knothole Freedom Fighters (STH: 230) & the Knothole Freedom Fighters began their battle against Dr. Eggman, but Antonie was critically damage from Metal Sonic's Self-Destruct Sequence (STH: 234). Jack was shocked to hear that the Knothole Freedom Fighters we're no more (STH: 235). Jack said that they're are in danger & added that all because of Sally's Sacrifice. Suddendly, Mecha Sally bursts through the Roof & steals NICOLE away from the All Star Freedom Fighters, causing them to chase the Female Robian. Jack & The All Star Freedom Fighters arrived at a Temple Ruin called "Ogre's Temple" & goes inside to check it out, only to be ambushed by Mecha Sally. The All Star Freedom Fighters begin his battle against Mecha Sally, but Mecha Sally is too strong for them. Jack & Patricia are left standing when the others are knocked out by Mecha Sally. Both Heroes try to stop her, but she gets stronger & stronger. A duel between Jack & Mecha Sally is super intense, both of them have the same power, the same speed & the same strength. Jack & Mecha Sally grabs each others hands to push each other like a Bull. Mecha Sally grabs Jack by the neck & gets ready to destroy Jack, but Mecha Sally saw a Vision of Sonic the Hedgehog, mistaken Jack for Sonic, giving Jack the advantage on Mecha Sally, knocking her out cold. The All Star Freedom Fighters & NICOLE had manage to escape "Ogre Temple" from Mecha Sally. (S100: #2)

Jack-4 Bot Attack!

The All Star Freedom Fighters are relaxing in New Knothole until they've been disturbed by an Alarm coming from Freedom HQ. NICOLE tells his new Friends that she has recieved intel that Dr. EggPlankton is up to no good again & they're location is at New Mobotropolis. NICOLE shows everyone a video that Dr. EggPlankton is attacking New Mobotropolis with his Army of Jack-4 Bots. The All Star Freedom Fighters set out to New Mobotropolis to stop Dr. EggPlankton. We see the Mysterious Cheif of the Jack-4 Bots telling them to destroy the city, but their interupted by Jack, Patricia & the All Star Freedom Fighters. Jack & Patricia reconise Jack-4 Commander (the Mysterious Cheif) from anywhere. The All Star Freedom Fighters & the Jack-4 Bots battle each other out. Jack spindashes at 8 Jack-4 Bots & the Jack-4 Commander but Jack-4 Commander grabs him before he gets here. Jack is having trouble taking down Jack-4 Commander. He needs some help to take the Jack-4 Commander down. Dr. EggPlankton is still watching Jack & Jack-4 Commander fight against each other & he can't wait for the Orange Hedgehog to be defeated. But Jack spotted a glowing ring called a Power Ring, he grabs it & felt more energy flowing through his body & goes faster & spindashes at the Jack-4 Commander blasting him at the Wall. Jack, Patricia, the Crossovers & Metal Patricia get together & watches Dr. EggPlankton retreat back to base. Jack said that he'll be back for more. (S100: #3)

Abilities / Weapons


  • Super Speed
  • Chaos Healer
  • Chaos Splash (Water Ability)
  • Chaos Dragon (Transformation Ability)
  • Chaos Bone Crusher (Deadly Ability)
  • Chaos Zap (Electric Ability)
  • Chaos Spider (Transformation Ability)
  • Fusion (Learned by Rapid)
  • Chaos Freeze (Ice Ability)
  • Chaos Ninjago (Wind Ability)
  • Super Transformation (Super, Hyper, Ultimate, Pyrus, Aqous, Haos, Sub-Terra, Ventus, Darkus, Dragon, Ogre & Maxus Form)


  • Piko Piko Hammer
  • Dragon Blade Sword (In Sonic & the Black Knight)


Jackbot Nega

Jackbot Nega is a 10FT tall Robot that looks like Jack-6 (Tekken 6) as a P-36 Robot with a Red body Armor, Blue head Armor with a White Mohawk, White Arms Armor, Green Legs Armor, Black Left Claw, Black Right Minigun & Yellow JackCannons

He is loyal to his creator:Jack the Hedgehog & his friends Patricia, Sonic & Amy Rose

Jackbot Series

The Jackbot Series is a Group of Jackbots made by Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100) himself after he Created Jackbot Nega

Their are lots of colors in the Jackbot Series, one color for each Jackbot in the Series & they are: Red, Pink, Orange, Brown, Yellow, Green, Light Blue, Blue, Purple, White & Black

Combot Nega

Combat Nega is a 5.9FT Robot that looks like Combot (Tekken 4) with Green Head Armor, Yellow Body Armor, Blue Arms Armor, Red Legs Armor, Black parts on its elbows, wrists, hips, kness and ankles. It has Purple plates on his shoulders with white ideograms on them

Combot Series

(It's the same like the Jackbot Series)


(Add your Character here, if your character is Jack's friend)


(Add your Character here, if your Character is Jack's Rival)


(Add your Character, if your Character is Jack's Enemy)


  • "Let's get ready to Rumble!"
  • "Alright here we go
  • "Whaa Hoo Hoo Hoo"
  • "Oh Milk Me" - When something bad happens
  • "Oh Yeah, I am Incredible!!!" - After Getting a "S"
  • "Outstanding!!" - After Getting an "A"
  • "Nice!" - After Getting a "B"
  • "Oh Well, works for me" - After getting a "C"
  • "Never Mind" - After getting a "D"
  • "Maybe, I should try harder next time" - After getting a "E"
  • "Oh Barnicles!" - After getting a "F"
  • "That's one" - Caught One Chaos Emerald
  • "Wow, I've defeated the Big One" - Defeated a Boss
  • "I've become the Ultimate Hero" - Defeated the Final Boss
  • "WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?!?!" - When he reliesed it's Decoe & Becoe in disguises of his Cousins in Episode 8 of "Sonic X: Regenerated"
  • "Alright Apallo, may the best Orange Hedgehog win" - When he's ready to fight against Apallo
  • "He's good, really good, but not good enough" - When he is in the middle of the Battle against Apallo
  • "MAD-A-BUNGA!" - When he weakens a Zezok General named Heartless in "The War for Mobius"
  • "The Dude you seen is what you get. Just the Dude that loves Action & Danger. I'm Jack, Jack the Hedgehog!" - One of his Main Introductions.
  • "It's Showtime!"

Sonic Riders Quotes

  • "Let's Race" - Before Race started
  • "Well what do you know, I won" - Wins the Race
    • "Now that's Awesome!
    • "Phew, I crossed the finish line on time"
  • "Maybe Next Time" - Lose the Race
    • "Oh well, maybe next time I'll try again
    • "Maybe I was too crazy this time"
  • "SUPER AWESOME!!!" - When making an "X" Landing
  • "Yes!!" - When making an "SS" Landing
  • "Alright !" - When making an "S" Landing
  • "Whoo Hoo!" - When making an "A" Landing
  • "Phew, just made it" - When making an "B" Landing
  • "Yikes!" - When making an "C" Landing
  • "See ya!" - When passing someone
  • "Oh boy" - When you got passed by someone
  • "3, 2....1!" - When your about to do a Gravity Dive
  • "AWESOME!!!!!" - When you've done a Meteor Burst

Extreme Gear: Orange Astro

His Extreme Gear in the Sonic Riders Series is very Unique & it's been Created by Tails & he gives it to Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100) is compete against Jet, Wave & Storm. Jack's Extreme Gear Color is Orange & Tails called some of the Gear Color Series because of the different names like Blue Star, Yellow Tail, Red Rock, Pink Rose & Black Shot & Jack the Hedgehog calls his Extreme Gear the "Orange Astro" & he is a Speed Type just like Sonic & Amy Rose


Dash: 5/6

Limit: 6/6

Power: 5/6

Curve: 4/6


Jack covers himself with Orange Aura causing him to go faster & Stronger, knocking the Opponents out of his way like he has the Strength of Ogre Jack.


He has Orange Air Goggles located on his Head & his Green Sports Wristbands on his wrists


His Orange Astro is been covered by a strange Orange Cosmic Energy to make Jack's race go faster than ever before like it's out of this World Fun !


Upgrade #1

Upgrade #2

Upgrade #3

Gear Parts

Max Speed Up


GP Guage Up


Patricia the Skunk

She is Jack's Best Friend for 3 Years, their Friendship began when Jack saved Patricia from the 3 Crocodile Bandits. Their Friendship grows Stronger & Stronger when they do fun stuff together

Blaze the Hedgecat

She is Jack's Wife who is the Daughter of Shadow the Hedgehog & Blaze the Cat. Jack loves Blaze THC like they we're happy together as a Happy Couple

Amy Rose

She is Jack's Bestest Best Friend. She is fun, sweet, kind & caring for Jack. Sometimes she mistakens Jack for Sonic, but Jack can live with that. She is super nice to Jack & always fun to play with as Friends

Sonic the Hedgehog

He is the Cousin of Jack the Hedgehog. They're both related of Speed, Teamwork, Spirit, saving people from Danger & helps other Heroes in need

Sonia the Hedgehog

She is the Cousin of Jack the Hedgehog

Manic the Hedgehog

He is the Cousin of Jack the Hedgehog

Lou the Hedgehog

She is the Cousin of Jack the Hedgehog.

Klonoa the Hedgehog

He is the Cousin of Jack the Hedgehog

Abby the Hedgehog

She is the Cousin of Jack the Hedgehog

Cici the Hedgehog

She is the Cousin of Jack the Hedgehog

Theme Song


WWE Raw Theme Song- To Be Loved


Caught in a Dream (Bionicle 3: Web of Shadows) (Full Version)

(Need a Video of "Caught in a Dream" from "Bionicle 3: Web of Shadows")

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