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Fira "Andzani" the Cat
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Fira is a spell master


Sis, Fir, the Master speller


Domestic Cat/House cat





Fur color


Eye color



Blue dress that says "COOL", white gloves and socks with blue rubberband securing them, blue sneakers with 3 pieces of yellow tape on them


Good (sometimes neutral)


Having a new friends,Her spell book,The 4 colored diamonds, Playing her cybernetic netbool, Sly and otherfriends,Being together with some of her friends, being alone(sometimes), her family, Freedom

Ability Type

Power (sometimes speed)

Fira the Cat (Fira za Neko) is a 13 yrs old female cat and one of the spell masters in her family. She lives in the future along with her family.She's a fursona of Fira Andzani. Fira is ©.

Early lifeEdit

  • Will be changed soon*


Fira is a shy and a quiet person outside Home.She prefer to be inside than outside,she's also sometimes naive l.Despite being a tomboy she tends like to hang out with boys rather girl sometimes,but though she has some female friends which are a bit tomboys.She also hate wearing make ups and wearing a gown or party dress cause she states that make ups are sticky and hard to clean.She also sometimes being teased by her friends from school cause of her "cartoonish" personality.


Despite being one of the spell master in her family she can use all different spells including magic fire spell even Levitate but sometimes she attack enemies with pysical attacks such as: punch, hard punch, hit on the back, kick, tail swipe, tail spin, tornado spin, homming attack, and tail swirl. She learn those moves from her cousins. She can also use some special skills if she charge a half of her energy,her special skills are regain health spell, magical elements spell,Mystical smash spell,black pyro blast spell, wind twister spell, fur spear spell, diamond rage spell and many others, she knows those skill from her family and friends.


" what?"

"Who in the world are you?"


"Thats just.....SOOO AWESOME!!!"

"I dont know...."

"I didnt do it.."

"Would you please......stop petting me??

"Okay......whatever you say..."

"You're like.....the BEST PERSON I'VE EVER MET!!!!!


"Holy Sheet....."

"Nobody...copy MY STYLE!!!"

"Bring it on....shall we?"

"They move by themself"

"RUN?!Why RUN?!"


"Aww why?"

"Sometimes i just feel.....alone.."

"*sigh* I hate my life"

"Ugghh school..."

"I like your style"



Friends or Ally (add yourself if ya want but tell me first)Edit

  • Hendra the Cat (Father)
  • Leonita the Cat (Mother)
  • Lala the Cat (Younger sister)
  • Khesa the Cat (Youngest sister)
  • Sly the Fox (Great friend also great ally)


  • Dr Eggman
  • Dr Eggman Nega
  • Android code: 3-F (Robot counterpant)
  • Android code:1-L and Android code: 4-K (Her sisters robot counterpants)



  • She was originally a skunk but the owner said its not suit very much so she change her into a cat instead
  • According to Her owner....her fur color is brown because of her owner's hair color (which is dark brown) and the meaning of the color is 'Friendly'
  • Her personalities are the same her creator's personalities
  • She call her friends (males) "Guy friends" which is similiar to Fionna's quote from Adventure time Episode Fionna and cake
  • Her attitude and personality also more like Fionna from adventure time which is like to hang out with males more, love adventures and the colour of Blue
  • Sometimes,she's also very shy 
  • She is very sensitive to feelings
  • The creator of Fira change her history,skills,friends and "legendary title" Because the creator think her character may become a mary-sue if she keep the title and make her immortal so the creator change her from "legendarian" to "spell master"
  • She always bring her spell book wherever she goes
  • She has a quite soft voice due of her shy personality
  • She cant run very fast mostly because she has a slight phobia to fall when shes running
  • Fira's emotion is controlled by her "unfinished" twins which explain why she has 3 tails
  • Fira can only controlled 1 tail when she's running.Every time her friend ask why,she always says "They moves by themself"
  • This caused she's always unstable and cant control balance when shes running

Theme songsEdit

Sonic Riders Zero Gravity "Aquatic Time" Music Request

Sonic Riders Zero Gravity "Aquatic Time" Music Request

Battle theme