Elizabeth the Hedgehog
Biographical Information
Age 36
Alias Elizabeth
Romantic Interests Brian the Hedgehog
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Hedgehog
Gender Female
Description Fur: Brown
Hair: Brown w/ some powder blue
Eyes: Brown and Orange
Muzzle: Peach
Arms: Peach
Inner Ears: Peach
Attire Blue dress
Sky blue shoes
Political Alignment and Abilities
Abilities Super Speed
Controlling fire
Controlling ice
Controlling water
Super Forms

Elizabeth Caroline Fox (エリザベスキャロラインフォックス), or known before being married Elizabeth Darkness, is the mother of Alicia, Rosalina, Julian, and the second famous Mobian Melissa. She is also the wife of Brian.


Early LifeEdit

Elizabeth was born on 186, 3201. Her mother Samantha, was extremely strict to Elizabeth. She would never let Elizabeth have do certain things. Elizabeth ran away from her home when she was 12.

Meeting BrianEdit

Elizabeth was only 19 when she met Brian. She was wondering hopelessly until she bumped into a yellow hedgehog. He asked if she was okay, she said yes. She asked for his name and he replied, Brian Fox. He asked for her name and she replied, Elizabeth Darkness.

more later...


Elizabeth is very kind to others. She is very kind and caring. She is your average single mother who loves cooking cleaning and taking care of her children. She strongly cares for her family. Like her daughter Melissa, she cannot control her emotions. But she does not go crazy like Melissa does. Instead, she will grab the person that is making her mad, and start spanking them as if they were a disobedient child.


"The time has come for us to realize that we must protect our family from the evil sorcerers!"

"What is your name, young man?"

"My name is Elizabeth Caroline Darkness."



  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Auto-Fiona
  • Cream the Rabbit
  • Lou the Hedgehog
  • Chulita
  • Jack the Hedgehog
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  • E-102 Gamma
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  • Jerr-Jerr
  • Fefe the Fox
  • Fiona Fox
  • Alyson Fox
  • Diana Fox
  • Jet the Hawk (to a degree)
  • Wave the Swallow
  • Storm the Albatross
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  • Emily the Hedgehog
  • Nega the Hedgehog
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  • Radiation the Hedgehog
  • Agnes the Wolfdog
  • Phyllis the Bat
  • Prue the Coyote


  • Dr. Eggman
  • Metal Sonic
  • GUN
  • Jet the Hawk
  • Keke the Cat (worst enemy)
  • Molly-gone-bad
  • Eggman Nega
  • Dr. Sonicbotnik
  • Monoliph the Antichidna


  • Keke the Cat (worst rival)
  • Jet the Hawk (to a degree)


  • She was originally dead, but she was brought back to life later on.