Dexter the Fox (real name Dexter Firefly) is a 14 yr old silver fox that is one of Threetails's brothers. He is good friends with Bruce and all of his housemates, although he can get on the rough end of the pineapple when it comes to Threetails. However, he does show some friendliness toward her and Bruce, as he teams up with them to form Team Metal. On the Silent Planet, his name means "Idiotic One".

Dexter the Fox










Strength, reviving people, healing powers


Trixie, Molly, Threetails, Bruce, his friends, TV, ginger beer, pranks, playing video games.


Eggman, Taldeva, Brian(sometimes), people annoying him, people trying to hurt Trixie


Threetails(sister) River(sister) Metal Sonic(brother) E-123 Omega(cousin)

Romantic Interest

Trixie the Angeltiger


Idiotic One, Bro(by Threetails, River and Metal Sonic), Idiot(by Dr. Eggman and Allen)

The Loss Edit

When Dexter was 10 years old, the Silent Planet was under attack by Eggman, destroying everything in his path he desided to hunt down Dexter and his family. Threetails, Dexter, River and their father, Arthur Firefly were hiding in a near by cave, trying to protect the family Threetails check to see if Eggman had left the planet, Dexter started to worry, thinking he had Threetails desided to walk out of the cave to only them be caught by Eggman. He then caught Threetails's family and ordered Arthur to hand over the Lightning Crystal (which contains a huge amount of energy which can destroy the whole planet), Arthur then refused which then caused Eggman to order his robots to kill him, Threetails watching this whole moment told Dexter to cover his and River's eyes, Dexter knew something bad was going to happen and he then started to cry, after that it was to late for Threetails to cover hers, their father had been killed right infront of her face. Eggman then took Threetails, Dexter and River and their friends to his base and raised them to become strong warriors. Dexter was more aggressive than ever after his father's death and decided to become a guardian of the Silent Planet which he then later became, like Threetails and Bruce.


He doesn't have any major abilities so to speak, although he is very good at pulling pranks(like getting a can of helium and spraying it on Threetails for one example). He also has a Super form where he turns bronze. He also has super strength. He can also revive people and heal them.

Relationships with other charactersEdit


Threetails the Fox(twin sister)

River the Fox(younger sister)

Arthur Firefly(father)

Metal Sonic(adopted brother)

E-123 Omega(adopted cousin)

Pancakes the Fox(cousin)


(i'll add more later on)

Bruce the Hedgehog(best friend)

Threetails the Fox(good friend)


Fry the Hedgehog(close friend)

Topaz the Hedgehog

Crystal the Raccoon

Silver the Hedgehog

Blaze the Cat


Sonic the Hedgehog

Miles "Tails" Prower

Threetails Doll

Opal the Dingo


Dr. Eggman

Taldeva the Fox(worst enemy)

Rassilon the Hedgehog

Knuckles the Echidna(friendly rival)

Threetails the Fox(rival in pranking)

Scourge the Hedgehog

Love InterestEdit

Trixie the Angeltiger(girlfriend)


He tends to be very naughty when it comes to his attitude, but can show some compassion sometimes as shown when he teams up to form Team Metal, but most of his time is spent trying to think up of pranks to play on his friends. He can be hyper at times, only Trixie can calm him down. He usually very aggressive around people.



I'm just destructive, got a problem with that-his main quote

Come on Threetails, lets go-when him and Threetails are on an adventure

Bruce will you stop-when Bruce acts really stupid

DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH HER!!!-when ever someone tries to hurt Trixie

I HATE YOU EGGMAN!!!!-when Eggman hurts Trixie

If you touch my bacon, i'll punch you!-when people try and steal his bacon(he is crazy about bacon)

Theme SongEdit

Original Prankster by The OffspringEdit

Describes his personality and how he enjoys pranking people.
The Offspring - Original Prankster

The Offspring - Original Prankster

Dexter's main theme song