Crush Kyd
Crush kyd 3
Crush Kyd was an android that was supposed to kill Sonic & co






Mech Prower, Altar the Raccoon, Will Rose, Sol Amy Rose


Dr.Eggman, EGG Industries


firepower Type

Crush Kyd (クラッシュキッド), also known as ( r|_|5H_KyD, is an andriod made by EGG Industries to destroy Sonic and his friends

Life in EGG IndustriesEdit

Crush Kyd was created in EGG Industries to destroy Sonic & co. Not wanting to live a life full of violence or hatred he escape from the very core of EGG industries to live a good perfect life.

Escape from EGG IndustriesEdit

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In Willaca's Fandom, Crush Kyd escapes EGG Industries with Mech Prower and Wheatley (and by blowing up half of the industrie in the process). When the 3 escape and return back to HQ, Crush Kyd is like a security guard in a sort of way. As he protects HQ as much as he can.


Crush Kyd has a similar personality to Altar the Racoon, but he doesn't have feelings or emotions, due to him being an andriod.


Crush Kyd has weaknesses like a common person. If he takes too much damage, he will shutdown, though Tails or Mech will sometimes revive him. He also can't stand Will's stupidness and will somtimes threaten to shoot him (although Will never knows that he's actually annoying him).

Uber Crush KydEdit

Uber Crush Kyd

Crush Kyd's Uber form

Uber Crush Kyd is Crush Kyd's uber form in which he is invincible and rockets reflect of his body. Crush Kyd gets his uber form from getting shocked by too much electricity and absorbs it. When Crush Kyd is in his uber form, he is invincible and his guns shoot twice as fast, although he is somewhat slower with this form and isn't actually that fast and is probably as slow as a power type character. The length of how long the Uber form goes for depends on how much electricity he absorbed. His appearance is also different to his normal form. In his Uber form he has different shades of red over he's body and some parts of his clothes and hair. In his UberForm he has a similar apperance to players when ÜberCharged in Team Fortress 2 by the Medigun.

Theme SongsEdit

Crush Kyd's Theme Song

Crush Kyd's Theme Song

Crush Kyd's Chase Theme

Crush Kyd's Chase Theme

Crush Kyd's Victory Theme

Crush Kyd's Victory Theme

Crush Kyd's Battle Theme

Crush Kyd's Battle Theme



Theme SongEdit

Crush Kyd's Theme song Last Legs Half Life 2 OST.

Chase ThemeEdit

Crush Kyd's Chase Theme is Hard Fought HL2 OST.

Victory ThemeEdit

Crush Kyd's Victory Theme is Vortal Combat Half LIfe 2 OST.

Battle ThemeEdit

Crush Kyd's Battle Theme is Apprehension and Evasion HL2 OST.

Uber ThemeEdit

Crush Kyd's Uber Theme is ROBOTS! Team Fortress 2 soundtrack.


  • Crush Kyd's name was a mixture of two musicains.
  • His story was based on the internet game Thing Thing.