Blaze the Cat


Archie Sonic the Hedgehog and Archie Sonic Universe


Otherworldly Princess, Princess (used by Shadow, Rouge)




Pyrokinesis, High jump height, Can move at high speeds


Sonic, Silver, Sly, Cream, the Sol Emeralds, being alone

Romantic Interests

Sonic the Hedgehog (STF's stories), Silver the Hedgehog (Willaca stories and Fira's Fandom)

, Sonic NegaBlaze the Cat is a lavender, female cat and a princess from the Sol Zone. Blaze's first encounter with Sonic the Hedgehog was when he found her in captivity after she was captured by a group of SWATbots outside of Knothole. At first hostile to the "Blue One", Blaze eventually realized Sonic meant her no harm after their brief battle ended and he offered his friendship.

A Brave Rescue

Under Construction

Opposites attract

See SonAze for more details

In STF's stories, Sonic is looking for the Chaos Emeralds since they have gone missing. Blaze is also looking for her own emeralds, the Sol Emeralds. Eventually, the 14 emeralds (Chaos and Sol) are together like magnets, since they are opposites and attract. When the two get their own emeralds, the two fall in love. Sonic and Blaze start hanging out with eachother a lot, especially during the evening and night. Sally and Amy, who eventually hear about this, get raged that Sonic is no longer paying attention to them. The two join forces to get rid of Blaze by flirting with Sonic. When they start doing it, Blaze is calm but then gets mad because it has gone over two hours. Blaze throws a fireball at Sally and Amy, and the three soon fight. Sonic then tells them to calm down, and will decide who to be with. He chooses Blaze, because Amy is too young for him and Sally is kind of old for him, and hates his own children. Sally and Amy were mad, but then decided that they should give someone else a chance. Blaze smiles, and later in the day her and Sonic enjoy the sunset together. They love each other, but do not really show it.

SonAze Nega

See SonAze Nega for more details...almost more details.

While Sonic Nega was building a small machine on the curb of a road by himself, Blaze was sitting in a Café by herself. Since neither of them had anyone to talk to, they both take a nap. Meanwhile, Marine and Eggman Nega see this, and team up to set SN and Blaze on a blind date. When they arrive at the Sonic and Co. Café, they're very surprised to see who there blind date is. Soon, they start to talk about their lives, and soon get to like each other. Soon, they go on more dates. Sonic hears about this, and congratulates SN for winning Blaze over. Later, an evil shadow named Prototype Blaze puts a device on Blaze, making her evil. SN runs instead of fighting, and manages with the help of NICOLE to trap Blaze in Mega Muck so he could get the device off. 10 years later, they marry, and Sonic Nega builds Wechina the hedgecat.


Quotation1 How's that? Quotation2
Blaze after winning or completing a race in the Sonic Rush series or finishing a level.
Quotation1 Having a bunny guide is okay, I suppose. Quotation2
Blaze, when Vanilla and Blaze accept Cream to guide Blaze.
Quotation1 DON'T TOUCH MY SONIKKU!!! Quotation2
Blaze when Amy and Sally were flirting with Sonic (STF's stories)

We're Sonic Nega and Blaze, saving the day and eating Lay's! Introducing Nega and herself to Light Mobius Sonic (aka King Sonic)



SonAze Nega

SonAze Nega.