Quotation1 Music is my life, don't try to take it away Quotation2
Axel the Fox










Fishing, Hydro/cryo kinetics, Gutair, and is somewhat fast.


Cyan, his siblings, fishing, music, water, teasing his siblings, jelly beans, pasta, singing, Mnt. Dew Throwback

Current Residense

Apatos (formerly), Emerald Coast

Super dark secret that would ruin his life if anyone found out

He is partially deaf in his left ear


Fish head (by Sally Acorn), Ace (by Roxas), Little Fox Cubby (by Orché), Onii-Chan (By Dyerick),

Romantic Interest

Cyan the Lioness

Axel the Fox is a 16 year old red and brown fox who currently lives at emerald coast with Dyerick the Rabbit and his siblings. He found Dyerick alone at Central City, and took him to his house at Emerald Coast. He is very supportive of Sonic and Blaze's relationship along with Silver and Amy's, and has a crush on Cyan the Lioness. He was born and raised in Apatos, but moved to Emerald Coast when he got a job as a fisherman. He was killed by Sabios, but was reincarnated as Tsukune (Sku Nai).


Dyerick the Rabbit

Chinoka the Fox

Cream the Rabbit

Espio the Chameleon

Silver the Hedgehog

Blaze the Cat

Sonic the Hedgehog


Twilight Sparkle

Amy Rose (to an extent)


Sabios the Echidna

Sally Acorn


None, as he is to busy for a girlfriend.


  • Water Control
  • Can run as fast as 209 MPH
  • Guitar Skills
  • Fishing Skills

Super FormsEdit

  • Sunlight Axel
  • Virtuoso Axel
  • PureLight Axel


Father (unknown) Xion (fraternal twin) Roxas (younger brother) Orché (mother and deceased)

Twilight and AxelEdit

In PB143's stories Twilight and Axel are great friends, and they watch out for each other. He admires her knowledge, and helps her out with her research. They met when Axel got sent to Equestria for a week because he insulted queen Celestia.


He is very impatient, only because of his love for fast paced music. He is sometimes rude, usually unintentional. Other than that he is very kind and caring.


He has Chinese Red fur, and Terra Cotta coloured muzzle and tail tip. He has a turquoise shirt with a musical note on it. He has a black pair of headphones around his neck and short black hair. He has 3 small gold rings in his left ear and one somewhat large in his right. He has a pair of rollerblades (not shown in picture). He has a small fang coming out of his mouth that is slightly curved. He has 2 belts, one diagonal and the other straight. He has a pair of blue jeans.


Quotation1 Got it memorized? Quotation2
When he wants someone to remember something
Quotation1 Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Quotation2
when he doesn't believe someone
Quotation1 SHUT THE HECK UP!!!!!!! Quotation2
when he's pissed

Theme SongsEdit

Sonic Unleashed "Adabat Jungle Joyride Day" Music

Sonic Unleashed "Adabat Jungle Joyride Day" Music

His 1st theme

Anamanaguchi - Another Winter

Anamanaguchi - Another Winter

His 2nd theme

Sonic Colors "Planet Wisp Act 1" Music

Sonic Colors "Planet Wisp Act 1" Music

His 3rd and final theme

Kingdom Hearts Simple And Clean Techno Remix

Kingdom Hearts Simple And Clean Techno Remix

His "dissapear" theme

Greatest Battle Music Of All Times Dragon Rider

Greatest Battle Music Of All Times Dragon Rider

His battle theme

Green Day-Wake Me Up When September Ends lyrics

Green Day-Wake Me Up When September Ends lyrics

His sad theme