The Assassins Insignia

Quotation1 There Masters, Warriors, Legends, Assassins Quotation2
Amy describing the Assassins
The Assassin's are a clan that's mobiun wide and has been there since the 5th century. The Assassin's were made to protect mobius from all enemies (It is revieled that King Max made the Freedom Fighters because he was worried about his daughters safety). The most well known people that are members of the Assassin's are Altar the Raccoon, Will Rose and Amy Rose.

How to Become an AssassinEdit

To become an Assassin depends if your Family has an Assassin heritage or not.

If Your Family Has an Assassin HeritageEdit

If your family has an Assassin heritage makes it quite simple to be an Assassin with a few steps.

  1. During High school you must go to Ocean Palace to go train for a year (Although you can go back home and back to High school)
  2. After a year of training (Or less or more depending on how good you are). You will be awarded your Assassin Ranks

If Your Family Doesn't Have an Assassin HeritageEdit

If your family doesn't have an Assassin Heritage is quite hard and has a few more steps

  1. You must be in High school or have finished High school.
  2. You must contact an Assassin which is quit hard due to there stealth. (Although you can just go to one of there hide-out's)
  3. The Assassin will take you to a Mentor (If you already contacted a Mentor. This step is skipped).
  4. You must do several contracts.
  5. You will then be sent to Ocean Palace for more training.
  6. Once after a year of training. You will be sent on one more contract. Then be awarded your Assassin ranks.

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Theme SongEdit

Assassin's Theme Song

Assassin's Theme Song

The Assassin's theme song

The Brotherhood Escapes

The Brotherhood Escapes

The Assassin's Chase Theme

We Want War (song)

We Want War (song)

The Assassins War Theme

Assassins Victory Theme

Assassins Victory Theme

Victory Theme