Arthur Firefly is a golden yellow fox that was the strongest and the bravest warrior on the Silent Planet. He died while trying to protect his children from being attacked by Eggman, he was killed infront of his children, the only one watching at the time was Threetails.

Arthur Firefly










Teleportation, silent energy, combat fighting skills, fire powers


His family, the Silent Planet, his friends, protecting his planet, being a strong warrior, ginger beer, leading his army to victory.


Eggman, losing the war, people taking his ginger beer, his family and friends in danger, being called weak.


Sir Firefly, Silent Warrior, Ace(by his friends)


Arthur is a skilled combat fighter, showing his strength full when fighting people. He has the ability to teleport to different places and is able to control the power of fire, he can also use the power of the Silent Planet(silent energy) to attack enemies. Not much else is known about his abilities.

Relationships with other characters


Threetails the Fox(daughter)

Dexter the Fox(son)

River the Fox(daughter)

Metal Sonic(adopted son)

Pancakes the Fox(nephew)

E-123 Omega(nephew)


Rage the Wolf(best friend)

El Dorado the Hedgehog

Lorenzo the Hedgehog

Ed "Eddy" the Raccoon

(anyone who's an ally of the people of the Silent Planet)


Dr. Eggman(worst enemy)

Anti-Arthur Firefly

(anyone who's an enemy of the people of the Silent Planet)


He's a very serious person most of the time, but he can be friendly when he wants to be. Arthur is also a very aggressive person, just like most of his family he gets enraged when people steal his stuff or hurt his loved ones. Arthur doesn't usually trust people that much, only if they are willing to help the Silent Planet when ever it's in need of help.


If your strong at heart...then your strong at life....-his main quote

You don't have what it takes to beat me.....-when Rage challenged him to a fight

Your so much like me it's not funny-when Threetails was acting like him

You are one of......the worst people.....i've ever met...(when Eggman was killing him)

This world needs a new guardian, some day that guardian will be you....-when he was talking to Threetails about her becoming a guardian


Theme Song

Trust In You by The Offspring

Decribes his personality and his trust towards people.
The Offspring - Trust In You

The Offspring - Trust In You

Arthur's main theme song


  • Arthur's name was originally going to be Tony
  • His colour's were also originally going to be black and grey, but were changed