Quotation1 Sure, i'll be glad to help you with your cause Quotation2
Altar agreeing to help Will Rose get revenge against Eggman
Altar the Raccoon
Altar is a very wise Assassin from Shamar

Clan Member






Altar the Raccoon (祭壇アライグマ) is an Assassin Mentor from Shamar. Altar is 20 years old and is the wisest out of the three.

Early LifeEdit

In Altar's early life he joined the Assassins and met Will in Ocean Palace (the home base of the Assassins) and were friends ever since. Altar also figured out about the fake execution and decided to help Will on his quest to stop Dr. Eggman.

Bad NewsEdit

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When He thought Will Past away he went to go tell Will's sibiling which got her devastated. Afterwards, he returned to

Welcome to Station SquareEdit

When Will,Mech and Altar arrived at Station Square at Planet Earth (A few hours after Will returned from hes so called death) to look for Amy. When Will arrived he and Mech were wondering where Station Square is (until Altar pointed at a billboard saying welcome to Station Square) then the trio went forward to Station Square.





Like most heroes altar has weaknesses like for example. He has to stop there fights which might get in the way of a target. Another weakness is his stealth, if he were to slip of a beam or make a slight noise it may open conflict or aware hes target.


Altar is really harsh and hard and incredibly wise, some could say he has the personality of Espio or Altair from the Assassin's Creed Series.


"No. Thats just stupid" - When Will said that they can just walk through the front door of Eggman-land

"Hmm a typical attitude for a ninja" - Altar making fun of Espio.

"Why can't you use your brain for once?" - Altar asking Will to think.

"My name is Altar and i'l be glad to help you with your cause" - Altar agreeing to help Will get revenge on Eggman.

"You see I have never met my parent's and I believe Eggman is responsible" - Will asking Altar why he agreed to help him.

"Crush Kyd, it's best to ignore him Will is quit the...Imagnitive one" - Altar telling Crush Kyd to ignore Will's Stupidity.

Theme SongEdit

Open Your Heart (Crush 40 vs

Open Your Heart (Crush 40 vs. Bentley Jones Remix) by Crush 40

Arid Sands Day Time

Arid Sands Day Time

Altars Victory Theme

Altars Victory Theme

Altars Battle Theme

Altars Battle Theme

Relation to characterEdit

Bentley jones & Crush form a team made to fix - Altar and Will teaming up agaist Eggman

It's such a bad sign - Altar thinking Crush Kyd was an enemy at first

All the steps we take, all the moves we make, all the pain at stake - Altar not wanting to get the war out of control cause it will harm innocent people

who are we, what can we do - Altar always wondering what the purpose of life is

You and I are same in the way that we have our own styles that we won't change - Altar being wise while Will is annoying

Yours is filled with evil and mine is not there is no way I can lose - Altar being good at heart while Eggman isn't

But I will never let go - Altar never giving up

Tell me now how long this'll last - Altar wondering when the war between Mobius and Eggman will end.

Ancient city's blazing - The attack Eggman made on ocean palace so he can get them off his back

All your cunning tricks make me sick, you won't have it your own way - Altar and co never giving Eggman his chance of victoy

Now you've got a trio of music talent for your mind. J. Gs vocs, J. Ss mixin, B. Js style puts behind - Team botherhood

Chase ThemeEdit

Altar's Chase Theme is Arid Sands Day from the game Sonic Unleashed.

Victory ThemeEdit

Altar's Victory Theme is Rocket Jump Walts TF2 soundtrack.

Battle ThemeEdit

Altar's Battle Theme is Iron by Woodkid.


  • Altar knows how to speak Turkish.
  • Despite Altar's shoes being the opposite color of Shadow's he can not hoverskate.
  • Altar's shoes are the same color as Mech's.
  • When Altar equips his sword. He holds and uses it the same way Lancelot from Sonic & the Black Knight does.